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How to Choose a Mobile Motorcycle Detailing Provider

Mobile Motorcycle Detailing Provider

How to Choose a Mobile Motorcycle Detailing Provider

Your motorcycle is exposed to the elements every time you take to the road or park it on the street. It needs extra care and detailing on a regular basis to keep it looking good and performing well. There are a lot of visible parts to a bike and the details vary from brand to brand. No matter which bike you own, there is a lot to clean. Dirt gets trapped on seats, in the engine, on the tires and wheels, and under fenders. Grease builds up on chains and wheel axles. Bugs tarnish the appearance of paintwork and windshields. If you can’t find time to clean and polish it, a mobile motorcycle detailing service will give your two-wheel ride the attention it deserves. Here are some factors to take into consideration when researching the best detailer for the job.

What to Look for in Mobile Motorcycle Detailing

Research Mobile Motorcycle Detailing Prices

If you have a budget in mind, the price will be a big part of your decision process. It is well worth checking out different motorcycle detailing prices to get an idea of what you actually get for your money. Bear in mind, although your bike is smaller than most other vehicles on the road it does not always mean it will be a quicker, cheaper job. Cleaning a motorcycle is an intricate process and it can take hours to achieve immaculate results. The time it takes will reflect in the price.

Do They Clean Your Type, Make and Model of Bike?

What kind of motorcycle do you own? Detailing a Motocross dirt bike used for off-road adventures is a completely different undertaking to detailing a road motorcycle like a Harley-Davidson. The professionals will have their preferred motorcycle detailing tools that they use specifically for different makes and models. For example, a dirt bike will benefit from specific tools to remove the excess dirt and mud on the wheels and body without causing damage to the parts themselves. It will also need specialized cleaning methods and techniques, see below.

Ask about Motorcycle Cleaning Methods and Techniques

A traditional car wash often uses high-pressurized jets of water to blast off the dirt and grime from a vehicle’s exterior. However, this method is not ideal for motorcycles. You don’t want to flood engine parts and filters or risk getting water into electrical components and the ignition system of a bike. Dirt bikes are slightly different. Light water hosing is often the best way to loosen and remove the excess dirt and mud from the tires and rims. Moreover, this type of bike is designed to get wet and muddy. It is more robust and will withstand a hose down, providing the job is done with care and attention.

Alternatively, if you want detailers to use the minimum amount of water on your bike, DetailXPerts’ mobile motorcycle detailing services use impressive steam cleaning techniques. The steam breaks down dirt and grime particles on your motorcycle, including the fenders, windshields, seat and handlebar grips to achieve an immaculate and sanitized clean.

Specialized Cleaning the Metal Parts of Your Motorcycle

A professional mobile motorcycle detailing team should know how to detail a motorcycle to the highest standards. This includes expert knowledge of cleaning and polishing the aluminum, steel and chrome parts of your bike to bring back a brilliant showroom shine. For example, chrome exhaust pipes can become dull and faded with contaminants and water spots. Therefore, it needs specialized attention using the correct cleaners and polishes that are not only safe to use on metal but also won’t leave streaks behind. Metal foot-pegs will need extra attention to remove scuff marks and dirt from boots.

Recommended Cleaning Products for Seats and Other Surfaces

A motorcycle seat is always going to attract dirt and grime. It does not have the same exterior protection as the seats in a car or truck. Ask the professional detailer what kind of motorcycle detailing products they use on leather seats, saddlebags and other surfaces, such as rubber, plastic, vinyl and painted areas. For example, appropriate products must be used on leather or vinyl motorcycle seats. If the products are wrong, there is a risk the rider and/or passenger could slip off the seat when the bike is in motion. An experienced mobile motorcycle detailing provider will use products that not only clean the material safely but also condition it to improve the suppleness and appearance of your leather motorcycle upholstery. This will protect it from dirt, rain, hail and sunshine. Ask about eco-friendly products, too. They are better for both your bike and the environment.

How Is the Engine Cleaned?

When choosing a mobile motorcycle detailing provider, it is important to ask how they clean the engine. It is the heart of a bike comprising many different mechanical and electrical components. Care and attention to detail is important. Grease, grime and contaminants can build up and affect an engine’s performance. A detailer may use a specific engine degreaser and polishing kit to tackle oil build-up and achieve shining results.

An aluminum engine may also suffer from oxidation over time. This will affect its luster and shine. However, a good detailer will know what to do to leave your engine looking showroom-new. For example, special sanding pads can be used to take off any oxidation.

Does the Mobile Motorcycling Detailing Include Add-ons?

Regular motorcycle maintenance is more than just about cosmetic polish and shine. It helps to keep everything in good working order and it protects exposed metal parts from corrosion. However, long-term exposure to the elements will inevitably take its toll. Swirl marks and scratches can dull the appearance of your bike. If this happens, you may want to ask about mobile motorcycle detailing add-ons, such as paint correction and a ceramic coating to restore original gloss and shine.

Mobile Motorcycle Detailing for Winter Maintenance

Looking after your bike is a year-round job. After months of spring and summer road trips, Fall could be a good time to get your motorcycle ready for winter. Does the detailer provide this service? This could be a deciding factor that makes you choose them over the competition. Bike winterizing will usually include an oil change, chains and cable maintenance and restoration of painted areas and metal surfaces to leave it looking as good as new.


Your motorcycle is your pride and joy. Therefore, it is only natural that you want it to look its best at all times, whatever the season. Choose someone experienced and proficient at cleaning the different surfaces and intricate parts of a bike. Do your research and ask the questions we suggested, above. The more information you have to hand, the easier it becomes to choose the best mobile motorcycle detailing business to clean two wheels, one engine and everything in between.

Alternatively, why not schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts to have your motorcycle professionally detailed? This can be done either on-site or by our mobile detailing units. Whatever brand or model your own, we give each bike the specialized attention it deserves. Our innovative steam cleaning technology and eco-friendly products are perfect for the job and the environment. We’ll have your motorcycle looking as good as new in no time.

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