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Car Wash Equipment – Buy New or Used?

Car Wash Equipment - Buy New or Used?

Car Wash Equipment – Buy New or Used?

Choosing the right car wash equipment is an investment decision that every car wash business owner will have to make throughout the livelihood of their business. To ensure that quality service is given, we would all agree that quality service and equipment is needed. However, high quality usually comes with an equally higher price tag. With this in mind, the investor is faced with the dilemma of deciding whether the desired quality is worth the price, and if they should buy new or used equipment.

Making the Decision – New Vs Used Car Wash Equipment

Making the decision whether to buy new or used equipment is not a one time process, but something that has to be done for each piece of equipment that is chosen. Whether you choose to get your equipment new or on consignment, ensure that you do the relevant research to find out the best equipment companies and available prices. Shop around as you would do with other purchases, and make sure that you get the best deal possible.   As a mobile car wash business owner, one good thing is that the equipment that you need is not as big and expensive as the ones used in commercial and automatic car washing businesses.

When making the decision between buying new or used car wash equipment, take careful consideration of the pros and cons related to each choice. Let’s look at the pros and cons related to buying new and used car wash equipment.

Pros of Buying New Car Wash Equipment

Here are some pros related to buying new car wash equipment:

  • The equipment is most likely in its best condition: Since the machinery is fresh from the store or warehouse and has never been used before, it’s very likely that it is in its best condition. The machinery will come with all the attachments and manufacturer’s supplies. This will save you time that would be required to source any missing attachments or pieces.
  • Most new equipment come with warranties: The warranty that you get with new equipment is another bonus that adds to the appeal to buy new equipment. The warranty is usually for a set amount of time, and during this period the owner would be able to return and replace the equipment if any problems arise. This minimizes some amount of risk and provides a ‘safety net’ for the owner. Some persons may be willing to pay more for this guarantee.
  • They require less start up maintenance: Since the equipment is likely to be in its best condition, you will require little to no start up maintenance. You will be able to use the equipment right after you have purchased it, without any servicing gaps. This will save you save you time and money.
  • You are sure of the equipment’s history because you are the first owner: There is less of a likelihood that the machine will have malfunctions that were caused by previous usage. There’s also no wear and tear from previous use.

Cons of Buying New Car Wash Equipment

  • They may be more expensive: The main drawback of purchasing new car wash equipment is that they are usually more expensive than used ones. This is a con for the business owner who may only have a limited budget but needs to get the required equipment.
  • There might not be sufficient feedback: Depending on how new the product is in the market (for example a new brand), there might not be sufficient feedback available to help you make an informed decision. Feedback usually helps, as other customers will share the problems and benefits that they have had while using the equipment.

Pros of Buying Used Car Wash Equipment

  • These equipment are usually more affordable than their new counterparts: Used equipment are much more economical choices. If you do a thorough search,you should be able to find good quality car wash equipment on consignment. This way you can save some money, while still getting the quality equipment that you need to carry out your business successfully.
  • You may be able to receive more reliable feedback on the product: Depending on where you source the equipment, you may be able to get useful information about the history of its usage and how reliable it is. This information will help you to make good purchasing and user decisions.

Cons of Buying Used Car Wash Equipment

  • Depreciated Value of Equipment: Since the machinery is used, its value and performance may be depreciated, which means that you wouldn’t be able to get the optimal performance level from the equipment.
  • May need to get Additional Maintenance: Depending on the state of the machinery, you may need to get additional and more regular maintenance than if the machinery was new. If this is required, the used equipment might be more expensive over the long run.

Make the Best Decision for Your business

Now that you know the pros and cons of selecting new or used equipment for your car wash and auto detail shop, you will be able to make the best selection for your business’ needs. Another great decision that will ensure a successful car detailing business is for you to become a DetailXPerts franchisee. As a franchisee, you will benefit from the company’s wealth of industry knowledge and our excellent business expertise. We will also guide you through your equipment buying process. Get started today!

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