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Car Lights: Do You Know the Rules?

Car Lights Do You Know the Rules

Car Lights: Do You Know the Rules?

Keeping your car lights clean is a must. Just like your own eyes might need eye drops every once in awhile, the lights on your vehicle also require constant care for your best vision.

Common Rules for Car Lights

1. Don’t be penalized if you can avoid it

The cost of not being able to see at night or in serious weather-related circumstances can lead to accidents or even loss of life.

‘Tis the season where nighttime starts as early as 5:00 pm in some places and snowfall means salt trucks will be out in full force. This means that you have to be especially vigilant when traveling at this time of year. This can be easily avoided and fixed just as quickly with these tips:

2. Inspect your exterior lights

To check this, make sure your license plates are clean and easily readable. Police officers often write tickets if you have malfunctioning or broken lights, and even one citation can dig into your pockets. Additionally, if other drivers are unable to tell when you brake, this puts you and the rest of the people on the road in jeopardy that can easily be avoided.

After checking to make sure your car lights are functioning properly, look at their appearance. They might not be “dirty” per se, but they could very well be cloudy. Although there are a few ways to clean clouded headlights, we recommend a sanding and polishing method. Get ready to apply some elbow grease and get down to business. To get started, gather sandpaper, polishing compounds, sealant, and masking tape, and follow our step-by-step guide to getting them sparkling and crystal clear again.

Furthermore, an investment in your car goes a long way. Taking the time to lightly inspect your lights on a regular basis will alert you to problems that you can nip in the bud. These passing glances will save you money before your need to go to the auto shop overtakes your wallet and hard-earned money.

For instance, if you need a quick fix after you’ve noticed that your lights are broken, but you need a more affordable solution than going to the auto shop, try using a lens repair kit. With the proper steps, you can patch up your broken taillights in a jiffy with a curing process using repair resin and the tape that comes with it. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

3. Be sure to get a second look…

Additionally, you should make it a priority to get your car lights checked by a professional, just for a second opinion. Often, we forget that we need a second pair of eyes on our car to point out things we may have missed. Take this opportunity to visit your professional auto detailer for a consultation on how to get your car lights back in tip-top shape.

For more information, check out our specialty detailing services which include headlight rejuvenation. At DetailXPerts, we understand that sometimes you need that little bit of extra help. We’re always ready to help out so that you and your loved ones remain safe!

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