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Car Detailing Tips: How to Train Your Teens to Keep Their Cars Clean

Car Detailing Tips How to Train Your Teens to Keep Their Cars Clean

Car Detailing Tips: How to Train Your Teens to Keep Their Cars Clean

You have a new teen driver in the house, you have taught them well and are confident they are ready for the road. You have taught them how to maintain their vehicle and what to do if an accident occurs. But, do they know the basics like how to keep their vehicles clean? Here are some car detailing tips and tricks to ensure a clean vehicle is returned to you after your teen has been in the driver’s seat. Set a good example and they are sure to follow it.

  1. Do not eat in the car

Eating in the car causes wrappers, empty cups and containers to be left on the seats or the floors of your car. Things such as fries are greasy and leave an almost unavoidable mess if left on a seat for any length of time. Crumbs can also be avoided if you do not eat in your vehicle.

  1. Keep your vehicle clean on the outside

Washing and waxing is a good way to protect your vehicle’s paint from getting scratched and sun damaged. It is also good to keep your vehicle clean to prolong the life of the car and for resale value at a later date.

  1. Be sure your shoe bottoms are clean when entering your vehicle

You never know what you will track into your vehicle on the floor mats. If you live where it is cold, the slush from the snow and ice will surely track in the mud from outside, leaving your floor mats hard to clean. So be sure to check the bottoms of your shoes before you enter your vehicle.

  1. If you do spill something, clean it up

Keep a few clean rags and a spray bottle of cleaner or plain water in your trunk. This will help if something is spilled while you are out. Cleaning it up immediately will avoid a spot or stain later on when it might be too late to get it out completely.

  1. Keep a small trash bag in your vehicle

A large plastic cereal container is the perfect size to hold a small trash bag and keep your garbage where it belongs.

  1. Check your windshield wipers often and keep your windows clean

Making sure your wipers are still pliable and do not have any cracks in them will only help when adverse weather

Car Detailing Tips: How to Train Your Teens to Keep Their Cars Clean 2

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strikes. Streaking, smearing and skipping wipers will not only distract the driver but may cause an accident. Keeping all of your windows and mirrors free of dirt helps keep distractions to a minimum, too.

  1. Keep your vehicle in the garage

Not everyone has a garage available to them but it would certainly keep birds perched in trees over your car, the weather and other dirt and dust particles to stay off your vehicle.

  1. Keep your vehicle smelling clean

Going in and out of your vehicle, going to the gym or work, having friends in your vehicle can sometimes leave a lingering unpleasant odor that you don’t always notice. Keep an air freshener in the car.

  1. Set a car cleaning schedule

Vacuuming your mats and upholstery on a regular basis will help maintain the interior of your vehicle for a long time to come, keeping them looking like new.

  1. Lastly, keep it clean so it stays clean

Be sure that every time you exit your vehicle you take something out with you. Empty your garbage bin at the gas station, bring assorted parcels when you go into the house from the shopping trip earlier that day and be sure to remove any large bits of paper that might have been lost between or under the seats. Clutter decreases fuel efficiency.

Keeping your vehicle clean is only one of the ways to prevent distractions. For more car detailing tips and tricks for all of the drivers in your home, schedule an apointment with DetailXPerts.

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