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Car Cleaning Tips: 10 Things You Have to Remove from Your Car and Why

Car Cleaning Tips 10 Things You Have to Remove from Your Car and Why

Car Cleaning Tips: 10 Things You Have to Remove from Your Car and Why

Let’s face it – for most people their car is much more than simply a way to get from point A to point B. A recent study by Harvard Health Watch indicates that the average person spends 25 days per year in their car! If you commute or enjoy taking longer car trips, this statistics can quickly increase. Having a safe and reliable vehicle is, of course, a must, but since you spend so much time in your car, shouldn’t it also be a pleasant and relaxing space, just like your home? To ensure that your car has that sought-after healthy and enjoyable atmosphere, take a look at our car cleaning tips below.

10 Car Cleaning Tips on What and How to Remove from Your Car

1. Mildew and Mold

Mildew and mold are actually spore microorganisms. Picturing thousands of tiny living things in your car is probably enough to make you grimace in disgust. Not only are mildew and mold rather unpleasant to look at, they can also spread a vile odor in your car and cause a number of health issues such as eye, nasal and throat irritations. Unfortunately, mildew and mold can be difficult to deal with on your own, but the silver lining to this cloud is that professional auto-detailers can help get rid of them. Professional steam cleaning is especially effective in this case.

2. Cigarette Odor

Cigarette smoke and odor, whether they’ve come from your own smoking or allowing someone else to smoke in the car, can be more than unpleasant – it can endanger your health and that of your passengers. Car detailing can help you get rid of smoke residue and thus prevent the negative repercussions of second-hand smoking. To counteract the negative environmental effects of smoking, opt for an eco-car wash.

3. Spills

Naturally, you want your vehicle to stay nice and shiny for as long as possible. But would it be ok to fence off anyone who needs a ride and has a cold drink or a creamy treat in hand? Probably not. Of course, no matter how careful you are, spills can happen. The best car cleaning tip we can give you is to remove them as soon as possible, with the help of auto detailing.

4. Pet Hairs

No matter how much you love your ball of fur, you should know that pet hair can cause asthma and skin irritations. Hairs can be a pain to get out of your upholstery. Use rubber gloves to remove them, a damp cloth to ease the static and, of course, visit the auto detailers for a green car wash.

5. Newspaper

Having the Sunday newspaper in your car, for quick reference to the nearest tire sale may seem really convenient, but you risk needing a very thorough car wash afterward. If the newspaper slides off the seat onto the floor, you (or your family member) could slip on it and injure yourself.

6. Disposable Lighters

Never leave disposable lighters in your car as they can be downright dangerous! If exposed to higher temperatures, lighters can easily explode, causing serious damage that could have been avoided.

7. Soda Cans

Need a good excuse for auto detailing? Then try leaving a soda can in your hot car for a few hours. You are nearly guaranteed to return to a sticky, damp interior, because soda cans explode when exposed to heat. If that does happen, make sure you deep clean your upholstery to keep your car in tip-top shape.

8. Plastic Bottles and Containers

If you can, try to stay away from all plastic containers. Not only are they harmful to the environment as their manufacture is unsustainable and their disposal very polluting, but they also pose an immediate threat to your own health. When left in your car and heated, plastic releases Bisphenol A (BPA), which leaks onto your food or drink and can cause neural or tissue damage.

9. Any Personal Documents

Leaving items like your passport, social security card or credit cards in your car can potentially cause issues that are, mildly put, extremely unpleasant. The reality is that cars do get broken into or stolen, and if criminals have easy access to your personal information you could suffer identity or credit card fraud.

10. Clutter

Did you know that clutter can increase the fuel consumption of your car? That is because it increases your car’s weight. Declutter. If you ever bring anything along for a special occasion, like a picnic basket or beach items, make sure you take them out the minute you turn off the engine. And, if you get regular auto detailing at a green car wash, you simply would not want to clutter your shiny car!

Want a clean and comfy car? Schedule a detailing appointment with DetailXPerts for a clean and green, healthy and safe car from top to bottom.

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