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5 Car Buffing Techniques for Better Car Care

5 Car Buffering Techniques for Better Car Care

5 Car Buffing Techniques for Better Car Care

There really are instances when buffing your car is the only way to restore its value and aesthetics. Oxidation, scratches and swirl marks, cloudy headlights, and an exterior that lacks luster are issues that car owners like you wish to avoid. Sadly, they can never be prevented, no matter how much you take care of your prized possession. This is the reason why every vehicle owner like you should know about different car buffing techniques.

5 Car Buffing Techniques

How can you improve your vehicle’s aesthetics and value? Which car buffing techniques are best for removing oxidation, scratches, swirl marks, and other unsightly marks from your car? Here they are:

1. Oxidation Removal

If you have been leaving your car uncovered for quite a long time, you will notice a chalky substance form on its paint. You can get rid of this by using detailers’ tried and tested car buffing techniques. First, wash and dry your car. Then, use a clay bar to clean the oxidized areas of your car thoroughly. Make sure that you use a lubricant to avoid damaging your car paint further. Once done, use a less abrasive buffer to remove all traces of oxidation. Apply more pressure to the buffer for areas where oxidation has deepened. Ensure that the entire surface is free of dust and debris before you apply wax. Polish thoroughly.

2. Remove Scratches and Swirl Marks

Car scratch removers can only do so much for your vehicle’s scratch and swirl marks. The only way to remove these unsightly marks is to use car buffing techniques that start with cleaning and drying your car. Choose a buffer head that is not too abrasive. Apply some polish to your car and buff away.

3. Restore Headlights

Have your headlights diminished their functionality due to the yellowish film that has accumulated on their surfaces? That is the result of oxidation aggravated with the use of toothpastes and other auto detailing supplies that only leave residue to your acrylic headlights. Detailers say that the best way to restore your headlights is by using car buffing techniques like sanding or polishing.

4. Car Buffing Techniques to Remove Etching

Etching comes from acid rain and bird droppings that were not removed immediately. The best car buffing techniques for etching is by first using detailing clay on a clean and dry vehicle then buffing it with a fine buffer head.

5. Reveal Fresh Layer

What kind of car owner would not want to see his car as shiny as the first day he bought it? This is the reason why most car owners want to learn different car buffing techniques – to restore their cars to a brand new like appearance. Dirt, grime, oxidation, and the like can wreak havoc to a car’s exterior paint. However, with the right tools and techniques, you can reveal the clean layer of your car and make it shine like new.

If you feel that these buffing techniques will take too much of your time and effort, simply schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts in your area. We have the right tools, skills, and materials to give your car the brand new look you have been wishing for.

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