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Boat Detailing Tips: Winterizing Your Boat

Boat Detailing Tips: Winterizing Your Boat

Boat Detailing Tips: Winterizing Your Boat

Yet another boating season is over or coming to a close end. We know how much you value your marine friend, but you need to face the bitter reality – it is time for winterizing your boat. While winterizing a boat is a huge task, you can make it easier and simpler if you have a plan. Read our tips below to get a good headstart on it.

Winterizing Your Boat: 5 Tips

1. One Last Trip

Before you put your boat away till next boating season, take one last trip. Observe its performance. Take notes on the parts you want to repair, replace, or modify.

2. Unpacking and Cleaning

You must definitely unpack your boat. Take out the pots, pans, icebox, and remaining food. Air out cushions and pillows. Once all the gear has been taken out of the boat, it is time to scrub it completely from front to back.

Not everyone knows how to detail a boat the right way. Alternatively, not everyone has the necessary time to do it themselves. This is totally fine. If you fall into this category, you can simply look for professional boat detailing services in your area and call in the experts to do it for you. They will not only clean it inside out, but will also help you restore its shine and protect its finish.

3. Let the Air in

After cleaning the boat it is important to keep all the doors and windows open. Thus, the fresh air circulation will allow for the quick drying of the surfaces.

4. Winterizing Your Boat Engine System

Winterizing your boat is not complete until you take care of the engine system. Start with topping off the tank. Then, add a fuel stabilizer to help prevent phase separation. Additionally, it will work against the formation of gum and varnish in the gasoline. Proceed to change the engine oil. Replace all filters as well. Excellent boat maintenance cannot go without these simple, but must-do tasks.

5. Antifreeze

You need to add antifreeze to your boat’s engine block. This will protect and prevent it from cracking. Depending on how cold it gets in your area, you can choose how strong an antifreeze you need. In any case, make sure you choose a non-toxic product.


Winterizing your boat properly will keep it beautiful and durable for many, many years. After all, it’s quite a bit of investment for you and you want to keep it in top condition. To help you achieve this, you can always count on DetailXPerts. Our professionally trained technicians will take care of your vessel with utmost attention to detail. Simply schedule your appointment and we’ll take it from there.

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