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7 Tips for Better Boat Maintenance

7 Tips for Better Boat Maintenance

7 Tips for Better Boat Maintenance

You own an impressive 33 ft water cruiser with a beautiful blue hull which rarely had a long voyage. Now you have a bulging purse – good weather around – good food available, and more importantly – possess good mood! You have planned to slip a year round in fresh water fishing or just loitering on the pretty deck for sunbath with your companion. Unfortunately, the engine would not start and you stay waiting for the mechanic on the deck for hours repair it.

Pleasant hours are slipping by, so is your mood and your partner’s. You re-dock the boat and hire another vessel for a short cruise. Ironically, this one is also full of sail holes, uncomfortable cabin, fishy smell, dirty interior and sticky water spots everywhere. The companion is not happy. The mood is spoiled and so is your vacation.

Another Situation

Your boat is for hire. Client is offering handsome fare for a long cruise. Returns are good and secure and so is your future. You start dreaming of a pleasant vacation ahead. Unfortunately, the boat returns halfway – battered, leaking fuel, paint peeled off, nauseating smell filtering through the cabin, murky windows, storage leaks, malfunctioning bilge, gargling engine. No doubt, you are off the contract. And so is the dream vacation. In such circumstances, you could do nothing but thank God for His mercy that your boat returned safely with its human cargo breathing.

All these are the results of careless demeanor and poor maintenance of the beautiful water transport. No wonder, you blame yourself.

Therefore, consider detailing the boat regularly and forget the maintenance issues – a simple formula for pleasant sailing!

Advice is – consult the boat seller, follow boating safety guidelines and use professional boat detailing services for better maintenance. Alternatively, search a few useful tips online to fine-tune the vessel of your own.

There are a myriad of finer points to keep in mind when it comes to boat maintenance. Important seven are mentioned below.

7 Boat Maintenance Tips

  1. One of the keys to boat maintenance is also one of the simplest – wash your boat regularly. Not only does routine cleaning facilitate a more pleasant and organized environment, but it goes a long way towards counteracting the long-term effects of environmental wear and tear. Eco cleaning methods would restore your boat to prime condition – for leisure and for resale.
  2. Keep an eye out for everything. From loose fittings to fraying ropes to any other areas of the boat that may need special attention or replacement. Replace the worn out parts immediately. That will extend the life of your boat and reduce the need for further costly repairs. That also ensures boating safety for all those aboard.

Boat Maintenance Exterior3. Follow the best practices for both inboard and outboard motor care. Be sure to flush your engine after every outing and check everything from your fuel tanks to clamps on your fuel line for rust, damage or corrosion before sailing.

4. Be sure to check your oil for correct levels, proper filtration and cleanliness. Look also at your engine’s cooling system to make sure it is functioning properly.

5. Depending on the type of battery your boat uses, check to ensure that it is fully charged and that it has the correct fluid levels. Also, be sure to keep the battery clean and dry as dampness and dirt can drain the life out of it in no time.

6. Many boating failures occur because of corroded electrical systems. So keeping electrical components dry should be an essential part of the boat maintenance. Electrical fittings can be protected with a water-repellant, non-conductive grease or corrosion inhibitor. Regular steam detailing of the boat is more effective to prevent the problem from recurring.

7. Finally, before starting the voyage or tying up the boat, make sure the sails are dry and salt free. Any salt particles left on the sailcloth will absorb and hold moisture, shortening its life. Therefore, dry the sails thoroughly before the cruise and immediately after you return for the busy life on land.

It takes many hours of highly skilled work to deliver the properly detailed boat for safe cleaning. Hence, consult professional detailing services who are experienced, eco friendly and have good reputation of boat detailing in the market.


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