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Top 7 Boat Engine Cleaner Products on the Market Today

Boat Engine Cleaner Products

Top 7 Boat Engine Cleaner Products on the Market Today

As a proud boat owner, you will want the best boat engine cleaner to prevent a build-up of contaminants, such as oil, grease and dirt. Regular engine cleaning and maintenance ensures your boat performs at an optimal level. There are different types of engines on powered boats. For example, outboard engines are used to power and steer the boat. They vary in size from smaller electric-powered motors and portable motors to the larger outboard motors for much bigger boats. Inboard engines are located inside the boat’s hull while stern-drive engines combine features of both inboard and outboard engines. There are also jet drive engines that are mounted inboard and do not have an exposed propeller.

There is a wide range of boat engine cleaners, de-scalers, degreasers and salt flushes on the market for the different shapes, sizes and types of engines. An outboard engine may need a specialized cleaner to remove marine growth while an older engine might benefit from a heavy-duty degreaser. There are eco cleaners and methods to consider, too. Here are some of the different cleaners that will help to keep the engine of your boat in ship-shape condition:

Recommended Boat Motor Cleaner Products for Marine Engines

1. Budget Boat Motor Cleaner for Outboard Engines

Is your outboard engine in need of a deep clean? Gunk Heavy Duty Gel Engine Degreaser, $14.20, an affordable, heavy-duty marine degreaser that gets excellent results. The gel actively clings to engine components to dissolve grease and any stubborn sludge that may be clogging up motorized parts or the propeller. However, Gunk Gel does have quite a strong, lingering smell so bear this in mind if you have a sensitive nose. Alternatively, try Meguiar’s Super Degreaser, $34 (1 gallon). It is pricier than Gunk but has a fresh, herbal fragrance.

2. Eco-Friendly Boat Engine Cleaner

Not all boat cleaning products contain heavy-duty chemicals to break down grease. Check out Simple Green Marine All-Purpose Cleaner, $15.99 (1 gallon). It is very good at removing oils and grease contamination from your boat engine. It is marine friendly and biodegradable. If you are interested in other green cleaning methods that are just as tough on grease, seek out professional detailers who specialize in boat engine steam cleaning for outboard motors. High-pressure steam blasts away engine grease in no time without harming marine life or the environment.

3. Best Quality Cleaner for the Price

Handy boat detailing products include a good boat soap. Better Boat Premium Boat Soap Concentrate is an all-purpose soap at an affordable price, $19.99 for 32 oz. It is a high-quality concentrated formula, so a little goes a long way. You will get around 40 washes per bottle. All you need is a rag or soft-bristle brush and this soap solution to clean small sections of your engine at a time. Better Boat also stock a useful Microfiber Sponge Set, $15.99, to help with cleaning the engine. It is a 6-piece sponge set with a vinyl bucket that collapses down into a convenient storage bag for the cloths and sponges when not in use.

4. Safe and Easy to Use Fuel System Treatment

Use Sea Foam Marine Pro, $21 for 20 oz, to clean your boat engine. It also lubricates internal and external metal components to help reduce wear and tear over time. This foam contains petroleum-based cleaning ingredients and is great for freshening up fuel injectors and carburetor jets while also lubricating upper cylinders. Simply add 1 oz of this boat engine cleaner to every 1.5 gallons of fuel to help your boat start faster. Regular use helps to maintain maximum horsepower and performance. Safe and easy to use, it is suitable for 2 and 4 stroke gasoline marine engines, inboard and outboard. You can also use it on different types of personal watercraft (PWC).

5. Effective Treatment for Inboard Engine Seawater Cooling Systems

Is your inboard boat engine overheating? Trac Ecological Barnacle Buster, $30 for 1 quart, is a biodegradable marine growth remover that can be safely recirculated through seawater cooling system with great results. It can also be used on seacocks, pumps and piping. This non-toxic formula effectively dissolves barnacles, other marine growth, calcium and rust.

6. Specialized Boat Motor Cleaner for Propellers

A mild rubbing compound or metal polishing paste will transform stainless steel propellers, leaving them looking as good as new. Star Brite Rubbing Compound Paste, $14.99 (14 oz) removes stains, oxidation and surface discoloration. If your engine suffers from heavy oxidation, there are boat detailing tools that can help, such as a boat oxidation removal kit. Don’t forget to grease the propeller shaft with a quality marine grease to increase efficiency and for protective purposes. Sta-Lube Water-Resistant Marine Grease, around $13 for 14 oz will do the job.

7. Fast-Action Boat Engine Cleaner for Personal Watercraft (PWC) Engines

Short on time? Clean the impeller of your personal watercraft in less than 5 minutes with Blu Thru Boat Engine Salt Flush, $39.99. This boat engine cleaner does a great job of removing a build-up of salt while also lubricating the engine and protecting it from corrosion. Use the recommended 2 tablets for your Jet Ski or another type of PWC to get best results. This is a non-toxic and biodegradable cleaner so it won’t harm marine life. Or try Star Brite Descaling Engine Flush, $41.45 for 1 gallon. This boat motor cleaner is suitable for all marine engines and won’t damage engine seals, gaskets or rubber impellers.


Regular maintenance and a good boat engine cleaner will keep your boat running smoothly. Whether you want to remove calcium build-up on your engine’s cooling and wet exhaust system or degrease pipes and metal parts, there is a specific cleaner for the job. The prices we have quoted may vary between stores and online stockists, so be sure to shop around for the best deal.

Even if you are using a recommended boat engine cleaner, removing grease and dirt from your engine can be a time-consuming, messy job. There are a lot of intricate parts to clean and it has to be done right to enhance the performance of your boat. It is understandable if you would prefer to leave the hard work to the professionals. So why not schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts? You can have your boat professionally detailed inside and out. Our range of boat detailing services are second to none and include high-quality boat engine cleaning as well.

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