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Auto Detailing Services: Do They Protect or Destroy Nature?

Auto Detailing Services: Do They Protect or Destroy Nature?

Auto Detailing Services: Do They Protect or Destroy Nature?

Everybody wants to have a clean and shiny vehicle – including you. That’s why you take your vehicle to the nearest auto detailing services in your area. You save a portion of your income to give your ride the extra care that it needs. But sometimes, as your vehicle is being detailed, you can’t help but wonder if these services protect or destroy the environment.

Some people see auto detailing services as just that – a process of cleaning the interior or exterior areas of vehicles more intensively. It takes off  surface contaminants that car washing alone cannot remove. It brings new life to headlights; sanitizes interiors;  cleans carpets and upholstery, and so on.

The good thing is, more and more people are becoming aware of the effects of auto detailing services on the environment. They have come to understand that car washes, truck and fleet washes can either protect or destroy nature. In what ways? Read on and find out.

Auto Detailing Services:  How They Affect Nature

Here’s how auto detailing services can protect the environment:

  1. When auto detailing services use steam and organic products for cleaning trucks and cars, they protect our sources of water and the soil. The DetailXPerts’ steam cleaning machines, for example, uses only a pint of water for cleaning cars and four to five gallons for cleaning an entire truck, thus minimizing water wastage. Organic auto detailing supplies, on the other hand,  do not produce toxic chemical runoffs that pollute the soil, surface and groundwater.
  2. When customers use auto detailing services more frequently, they support the latter’s goal of protecting the environment. The more they maintain the appearance of their vehicles, the more functional and longer lasting their prized possessions become. This means prolonged usage, and ultimately, reduced metal scraps that end up in landfills and contaminate the soil.
  3. Eco-friendly auto detailing services that offer franchising protect nature even more. Take DetailXPerts as an example. As mentioned earlier, all DetailXPerts needs is a pint of water for cleaning a car while traditional car washes use at least 52 gallons of water for a single car alone. This translates to a water savings of more than 51 gallons.  Assuming that one franchisee can detail ten cars daily,that would bring us to a total of 510 gallons of water savings. DetailXPerts, at present, has 61 franchisees. Can you imagine how much water is being saved by the company on a daily basis? What if the company reaches its target of 1,100 franchisees? Or if all auto detailing services in the world go green? With billions of vehicles all over the globe, all needing maintenance from time to time, eco-friendly auto detailing services might just be the answer to the water crisis!

Of course, like everything else, auto detailing services have downsides too, like:

  1. Auto detailing services that still use traditional methods waste a lot of water. That’s why environmentally-conscious vehicle owners who live in states which have critically low water levels are preferring eco-friendly alternatives.
  2. Vehicle washes that use toxic chemicals for cleaning vehicles faster can damage the soil. And the sad fact is, it will take decades, or even centuries to rehabilitate the soil which they have contaminated as in the case of previous Detroit auto detailing shops.
  3. Car washes that have reclamation systems do not guarantee environmental safety. Leakages may occur and possibly lead to contamination of surrounding water sources.

Auto detailing services can either protect or destroy the environment. But if all consumers choose the right type of service, the world will be a better place for all of us and the future generations.

Be one with us in supporting environmental sustainability. Download our free franchise report to learn how.

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