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9 Ideas on Customizing Your Pickup Truck and Still Keep It Clean

Customize Your Pickup Truck

9 Ideas on Customizing Your Pickup Truck and Still Keep It Clean

You’d like to customize your pickup truck. After all, it has been serving you for quite some time now, from hauling supplies to fetching the children. Well, you are not alone. Many vehicle owners do car modifications to their prized possession to enhance its appearance and boost its performance.

The question is – what mods are available nowadays and if you do decide to customize your pickup truck, how would you keep them clean? Below are nine ideas.

Customize Your Pickup Truck: 9 Ways

1. Fiberglass Dashboard

When considering customizing their dashboard, many vehicle owners prefer fiberglass. It’s affordable and flexible. You can have it designed any way you want.

Plus, it’s relatively easy to clean and maintain. All it takes to clean it is some mild cleaner, wax, and microfiber towels. Simply apply the cleaner with a microfiber towel. Rinse with a clean, damp towel. Once dry, apply some wax, and buff it off until it shines. Easy does it!

We also suggest cleaning the entire cabin interior to eliminate the chances of leaving cleaning product residues behind.

2. Vertical Lambo Doors

Also called wing doors, turtle doors, and scissor doors, vertical Lambo doors might be pricier than most mods, but the pride it’ll give you will be worth the bucks.

We suggest using organic auto detailing supplies for your Lambo doors and  the rest of your vehicle’s exterior.

You can clean them as you would ordinary ones. But if you want to ensure total cleanliness without damaging your precious pickup’s paint, use a steam cleaner. Make sure you dry the area and apply some lubricant on and around the hinges to prevent premature rusting.

Wax and apply a long lasting sealant to protect the paint and further enhance your doors’ appearance.

3. Tonneau Cover

Cleaning a tonneau cover depends on its material. Vinyl covers need vinyl cleaners. As for other materials, an organic shampoo or tonneau cover cleaner is recommended.

Before cleaning, make sure the tonneau is bolted in place to avoid tears on soft covers or scratches on hardcovers. Spray with water to remove surface dirt. Apply the cleaner, then gently scrub with a soft detailing brush. Rinse thoroughly, making sure that no cleaning product is left on your pickup’s paint.

4. Snowplow

Do you live in an area where snow is a frequent visitor? Or maybe you’re planning to offer snow plowing services to neighbors and friends? Then, you might want to customize your pickup truck with a snowplow.

Take note, however, that having one requires special care. Because snow plows are made of steel, they’re susceptible to rusting. Make sure you rinse, dry, and grease your snow plow after every use. Also, check electrical connections. Steam clean them if you notice salt buildup. In the summer, store your snowplow in a cool, covered area. These will ensure your snowplow remains functional longer.

5. Leather Seat Covers

Leather car seats can dramatically change your pickup truck’s interior from drab to fab. Cleaning them is pretty straightforward than cloth truck seats. All you have to do is apply some leather cleaner and conditioner.

Detailing them, on the other hand, is a different matter. You’ll have to clean between the seams, the area where the backrest and seat meets, remove stains and pet fur, etc. We recommend steam cleaning leather car seats. It’s because steam lifts up dirt away from surfaces so no thorough scrubbing is necessary.

6. Under Seat Storage

Customize your pickup truck with this and you’ll not only max its loading capacity – you’ll be organizing it too. To clean it, we suggest taking it out of your vehicle first.

If it’s made of plastic or vinyl, remove the contents then wash with soap and water. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Put some wax if applicable.

If it’s made of wood, use a wood polish after cleaning to bring out its shine and beauty.

Vacuum and steam clean the carpets before returning your under seat storage.

7. Keypad Lock

It may be true that keypad locks for vehicles are desgined to withstand extreme weather conditions, but if you want yours to last longer, cover it with plastic and surround it with masking tape whenever you wash your pickup truck. then clean it with a waterless cleaner.

When it rains or snows, try to dry the keypad lock with a microfiber towel during stopovers. As they say, you can never be too careful with these innovations.

8. Oversized Tires and Wheels

Want to give your ride some attitude on street roads, offroads, or wherever? Customize your pickup truck with huge tires and wheels, making sure you don’t go over what’s legally accepted.

Tires, especially good ones, don’t come cheap. So, it will be best to clean them with dedicated products to prevent premature fading and cracking. Using dish soap for your wheels and tires is one of the truck detailing mistakes you must avoid to extend their life and functionality. Apply tire shine to make them stand out even more!

9. Bed Liner

Bed liners protect your truck bed’s surface. There are two major types – spray-in, which is done by the manufacturer, or drop-in, which you can get from stores that sell aftermarket parts and accessories.

Cleaning a bed liner is a breeze – with the right product. Choose something organic – they’re better for you, your truck and the environment. Try to clean your bed liner regularly to avoid the accumulation of grime as this will be a cleaning headache later on.

These are just some ideas on how to customize your pickup truck. There are other suggestions out there. Regardless of what mod you want for your pickup, it is important to maintain its cleanliness. Doing so will not only enhance its appearance; keeping your ride clean after installing mods ensures you’ll have a vehicle that lasts longer than it should.

No time to clean your pickup or not too confident with your detailing skills? How about scheduling an appointment with DetailXPerts to get a real experience of what professional truck detailing services can do for your vehicle?

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