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10 Truck Cleaning Products That Will Help with Your Truck Fleet Maintenance

10 Truck Cleaning Products

10 Truck Cleaning Products That Will Help with Your Truck Fleet Maintenance

The right truck cleaning products are what you need to maintain the beauty, increase the functionality, and prolong the use of the vehicles in your fleet business. After all, clean, well-maintained tucks do not only improve your brand’s image; they also attract more customers, which, in turn, increase your business’ bottom line.

But here’s one question typically asked by some of our customers – is it okay to use car detailing supplies in lieu of truck cleaning products?

Our quick answer is – as much as you can – don’t. It’s not only because trucks are bigger. Unlike cars, trucks are designed to carry different types of cargo – people, food, pharmaceuticals, furniture, dirt, rocks, minerals, garbage – name it, trucks can load it.

Also, trucks are driven on the most challenging terrains – mountains, deserts, flooded areas, among others – on whatever weather conditions. These expose them to different contaminants that when not removed efficiently, can lead to a truck’s premature deterioration.

So, as a truck fleet owner, which truck cleaning products should you use? We’ve listed ten below, in no particular order.

Truck Cleaning Products for Fleets

We understand that truck fleet owners need truck cleaning products that can do the job at a cost that won’t hurt the budget. Yes, we know that when it comes to fleets, economy is the name of the game!

So without further ado, here’s our list:

1. Ultimate Truck Wash

This is one of the truck cleaning products specifically formulated for truck hand washing. It uses a surfactant technology that allows more efficient cleaning. Just add a few drops of Ultimate Truck Wash in a bucket of water, dip a soft brush into it, and scrub your truck’s surface gently. Rinse with tap water. It’s recommended for trucks with sensitive finishes and decals like ambulances, fire engines, food trucks, among others.

A gallon costs $15.99. Its concentrated formula is best diluted to an ounce of product per gallon of water.

2. RTX-9 All-Purpose Cleaner-Degreaser

What if you own a huge fleet of trucks? Surely you’d want something safe, economical and at the same time, effective, right? This is where RTX-9 comes in. It’s the all-around cleaner-degreaser for virtually every part of your trucks. You can use it on both interiors and exteriors; engines, grilles and bumpers; dashboard, floors, walls, and seats, tires, wheels, etc.

It’s water-based, non-flammable and bio-degradable so it’s safe for humans, your vehicles, and the environment. It passed the California Clean Air Rule 1171. RTX-9 costs $25.95 per 10 pounds.

Here’s a list of good auto degreaser products if you want more options.

3. HEL100 Hellcat

HEL100 Hellcat is what you need if you own trucks that are used for mining, garbage collection, and similar purposes. This product has a high pH, so it practically breaks down organic residues like dirt, grime, grease, and oils in a breeze.

Be aware, however, that proper dilution of the product is necessary for a safe and effective cleaning process. Take note that this truck cleaning product is designed for touchless cleaning.

Five gallons cost $79.49. Starting dilution point is 1:25.

4. ALUMA-BRITE Aluminum Brightener

Most trucks have lots of aluminum surfaces. Water and detergents can clean them, yes, but to make those aluminum surfaces shine, you’ll need a combination of acid-type cleaners and wetting agents. Aluma-Brite is one such product. It doesn’t only clean – it also deoxidizes truck trailers. It gets rid of soil, oxide and exhaust deposits.

One gallon concentrate costs $36.99. To dilute, mix 1/4 of this product with 3/4 parts of water.

5. DetailKing’s Truck Exhaust Stack Brush

Like all exhausts, the one located on top of your trucks needs to be cleaned too, even if it can be a pain to do so.  DetailKing’s Truck Exhaust Stack Brush. It has professional, medium duty bristles that are made from Tampico.

It’s kinda pricey at $41.59.

6. Green Prairie Salt Shield

Road salt does prevent accidents from happening, as it slows down ice from forming, allowing a vehicle’s tires to gain traction. As beneficial as it is, the downside to road salt on your truck is that it speeds up corrosion of its metal parts, especially the undercarriage.

Cleaning with water alone will not suffice, especially if the road salt stains on your truck are not attended immediately. This is why a road salt remover is necessary. It is specifically formulated to counteract road salt and deicers. Salt Shield even creates a film barrier when it comes into contact with exposed iron and steel. This adds an extra layer of protection to the truck surfaces.

A bucket costs $69.72.

7. DetailKing’s Professional Headlight Restoration Kit

The headlights of the vehicles in your fleet need some TLC to keep your drivers and trucks safe from accidents brought about by poor visibility. Of course, you also have to take your budget into consideration.

At $149.95 for cleaning up to 30 vehicles, DetailKing’s Professional Headlight Restoration Kit, is a good option for the budget-conscious fleet owner. That’s cleaning all 30 vehicle headlights at $5 a pop.

This kit comes in a compact tool box carrying case containing the following tools and truck cleaning products:

  • Water Base Pre-Treatment – 8oz
  • Shine Restorer – 4oz
  • Deep Fill Restorer – 2oz
  • Headlight Cleaner/Polish – 8oz
  • Sanding Sheets (1)600 / (2)1000 / (2)1500 / (1)2000 / (1)2500
  • Lint Free Paper Towels
  • Bag of Gloves (50)
  • 100 Lint Free Paper Towelettes
  • Complete Instructions

8. Zep Vandal Mark Remover

Trucks have huge flat spaces that make perfect “canvases” for graffiti artists. But what can you do when someone creates a graffiti on your truck just before deployment?

You can spray some Zep Vandal Mark Remover on it.  It has a non-chlorinated formulation that effectively removes ink, crayon, pencil, adhesives and grease from most painted surfaces. Just spray it on and wipe off with a towel. Voilà! Graffiti gone! It has a hefty price tag, though, at $277.91 per pack of 12 aerosol cans.

9. Drummond™ Nix All-Natural Biological Odor Eliminator 1G

Because different types of cargo leave different types of smells, you’ll need something to make your truck smell good all the time. Who wants to ride or drive a smelly truck, anyway?

Drummond™ Nix All-Natural Biological Odor Eliminator 1G is one of the best truck cleaning products for this purpose. Dilute it to 25 oz per gallon for best results.

10. Vector 700 Kitchen & Food Prep Cleaner Super Concentrate

Got a fleet of food trucks? Of course, keeping them clean and odor-free is mandatory so your business doesn’t get a beating from the authorities.

Vector 700 Kitchen & Food Prep Cleaner Super Concentrate is one of your options for this purpose. It’s a USDA-authorized detergent recommended primarily as a general cleaner in the food industry. It’s very economical too, at $17.95 a gallon.

There are many other truck cleaning products out there, specifically created to enhance the appearance and improve the performance of each truck in your fleet.

A Few More Truck Cleaning Products Tips

  • One of the most important truck detailing tips we can share is to sanitize the cabin interior. This can prevent illnesses caused by germs and bacteria that may thrive inside your trucks.
  • Consider  which will benefit your business better – onsite or mobile truck fleet detailing. Know the pros and cons of each to help you decide.
  • Here’s how to detail a truck in case you or your drivers would like to DIY.
  • We encourage you to visit truck detailing forums to learn about more truck cleaning products.

If you find DIY truck washing too taxing for you, your drivers or staff members, consider scheduling an appointment with DetailXPerts for professional truck detailing services. We also offer fleet detailing services.

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