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10 Reasons to Invest With an International Car Detailing Franchise

10 Reasons to Invest with an International Car Detailing Franchise

10 Reasons to Invest With an International Car Detailing Franchise

The market for the auto detailing business is active and fast growing up to this day. That is why auto detailing businesses are currently flourishing.  It is not enough to just jump into the auto detailing business wagon when you can aim higher and join an International Car detailing Franchise.

10 Reasons to Invest in an International Car Detailing Franchise:

1. The Headline

Whether you are business-minded or not, the word international will get you interested. It is also true in the car detailing franchise business. According to IBISWorld, an International Market Research Group in their February 2018 report, the demand for car wash and auto detailing services is expected to continue to rise up to 2023. If the Automotive Franchise Industry is the upcoming giant worldwide and is making waves all over the globe, who wouldn’t want to join and be a part of their global success?

2. Established Brand

Unlike other industries, it isn’t as easy for an auto detailing company to franchise in another country.

The moment an auto detailing brand decides to franchise internationally, it means that it is stable. This is more than enough reason to invest in this brand. It shows that it is recognized enough to take this leap. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t have the capacity to expand to other regions.

3. Your Research Has Been Done for You

Before officially offering franchise opportunities to other countries, many experts spend years studying the potential of a location. The expansion does not only concern the potential franchisee, but even more so the franchisor and the brand itself.

Although the auto detailing industry is highly popular, the demand can be seasonal too. Once a company has decided to branch out to another area, it means that thorough research has been done. They know that they can profit well by taking this step forward. Why wouldn’t a prospective franchisee like you grab a chance to be a part of this business?

4. Low Cost Franchise

Compared to other businesses like food franchise and the beverage franchise business, auto detailing business is relatively cheaper to franchise.

5. The Support Appeal

The basic concern of a new business, franchise or not, is its initial capital. You will most likely need to get a business loan. When you state in your proposal that you will franchise an international company, it is instantly impressive, convincing and appealing. According to an Australian loan company,  banks prefer more stable businesses like franchises. Imagine what an international franchise brand can do to your loan application!

6. The Market Appeal

From a customer’s perspective, an international auto detailer is heavenly. It is similar to how women adore luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Fendi.

The same principle applies to car owners. An international car detailing franchise company branching out to their country and taking care of their cars is five times more satisfying for a consumer. Car enthusiasts will come rushing to your franchise business to experience that world-class car pampering.

7. You Are an Asset

Company owners dream of expanding their company as far out as they can. Hitting global market is a lucrative opportunity for them as well. They will profit more from overseas branches most especially if they have already saturated the local scene with their various branches. This is definitely a step up the profit meter. You, the international franchisee, are an important part of this growth.

Without you, they cannot expand. International investors are always more prioritized. The significance you have in their company is greater than you imagine. Isn’t that a great feeling?

8. Reliability

Once an auto detailing company franchises internationally, they become even more cautious with how they handle the brand. The franchisors will try their best to impress the global market, upping their game as much as they can. You can count on better performance – service, training, marketing, and so on.

The bigger market they get, the more there is at stake. This is surely an assurance that you will be investing time and money with a reliable company.

9. The Government’s Concern

Before a foreign company enters your country, they too go through a process. Wherever it may be, the government makes sure that businesses trying to enter the country are appropriate, beneficial and in good standing.

There are several factors that are carefully considered before the expansion. The economy of the country that the company originates from, the relevance of the business in your location, the benefit it will have on the relationship between the countries involved, and the current standing of the industry both in local and international markets. Luckily, auto detailing businesses are in demand in almost all over the world.

The company being able to offer you a franchise in your location means that their planned expansion to your country has been approved and thoroughly looked into by the government.

10. Car Detailing Franchise Is Always the Better Choice

There are plenty of automotive businesses you can venture into. Profitable Venture Magazine even lists 50 of the best automotive ideas. Auto detailing is one of the easiest to establish and still highly thriving and profitable.

Wherever it is located, a detailing shop still profits more than most businesses even in its slow season. Statistics can back this up. 

In some industries on the other hand, the nature of business may go through an awkward transition once it moves on to a new and unfamiliar culture. The auto detailing industry has proven to fit all cultures as all countries are in need of the service.

Grab this chance!

The International Auto detailing Franchise Industry is a wide and promising arena that opens its doors for success-driven businessmen like you. Do not let anything hold you back! We will be glad to show you the amazing franchise opportunities waiting for you at DetailXPerts!


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