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Why Do Boat Detailing Prices Vary and What Are You Paying for?

Why Boat Detailing Prices Vary and What Are You Paying for

Why Do Boat Detailing Prices Vary and What Are You Paying for?

Boats. They’re beautiful vehicles that allow you to explore the seas, go fishing, or simply enjoy some quiet time when you need to be away from all the hustle and bustle of city life. But like any other vehicle, your boat needs detailing too, so it stays beautiful and functioning at its peak performance longer. So you check out boat detailing prices and wonder why they vary from detailer to detailer and from state to state.

Yes, boat detailing prices vary just like car detailing prices vary. The factors may differ a bit, though. So, why do detailing rates for boats vary? Read on and find out.

Why Do Boat Detailing Prices Vary?

Here are several factors that determine boat detailing prices, in no particular order:

1. Size

Detailers charge boat detailing prices per foot. This is why the larger the boat, the more costly it becomes. Detailing pontoons, ski boats, fishing boats, trawlers, bowriders, jet boats, deckboats, daysailers, can cost anywhere from $15 upwards, per foot, based on size alone. These boats can measure 16 to 30 feet long.

Detailing bigger and luxurious boats like cruising yachts, on the other hand, may cost $20 to $40 per foot. Sailboats, which can measure 25 to 80 feet, can cost $20 to $40 per foot.

2. Condition

If you’ve followed wise tips for better boat maintenance and have been taking good care of your boat, you can expect to pay regular rates per foot. However, if it’s old and covered in contaminants like salt, bug remains, and algae; faded paint and aluminum; with the gel coat blistering here and there, you might be paying up to $5 to $10 more on top of the regular services. Even if you hire the best detailer, it will take a lot of time, effort, and materials on their end to detail a boat to make it sparkle and shine like new.

3. What Needs to Be Done

Boat detailing services come in different packages. You may opt for basic detailing, which includes cleaning windows, gutter tracks hull and topside; boat polishing, mildew removal, and cleaning the compartments. This can cost you anywhere from $8 to $12 per foot.

Now if you’d like your boat to have all the works needed to make it as showroom shiny as the first day you bought it, then boat detailing prices can go up from $20 to $30 per foot. This premium service includes everything stated above plus seat conditioning, canvas clearing, rust removal, corrosion protection, waxing, buffing, and compound on gel coat.

4. Boat Detailing Prices Depend on Specialty Services, Too

You had a party in your boat a couple of weeks ago. Because you had to work soon after you docked your boat, you were not able to clean it well. When you opened it recently, indescribable boat odors from spilled food and wine assailed your sense of smell. The carpet and upholstery had stains and pet hair were visible everywhere!

Issues like these can be addressed with the right specialty services. Wine and food stains? You can have stain removal done. Bad odors? Air sanitation can fix that. Pet hairs? Go for a pet hair removal service. Of course, since these services will go on top of the regular ones, you’ll be paying more. Rates will depend on the size of the area to be serviced.

5. Location

Where you live also affects boat detailing prices. If you reside in California, where almost everything is expensive, expect boat detailing prices to be higher than in other states. It’s because detailers have to pay higher taxes, property rentals (if they are location-based), manpower, and insurances.

If you live near the sea, your boat is undoubtedly exposed to the harshest elements of nature – salt, sunlight, sand, snow, among others, especially if you don’t have a covered place to put your boat in.

And when boats are exposed to the elements, they’ll be covered in all sorts of contaminants. Detailers may charge you more for the extra work they need to do to clean your boat.

Another thing to consider when it comes to location is your proximity to a boat detailing shop. Are you willing to take your boat there yourself or would you rather avail of mobile detailing services and have it done right where you are? If you choose the latter, be prepared to pay extra for fuel and the time it takes for the detailers to come to your preferred location.

6. Tools, Equipment, and Materials

There are detailers and there are detailers, but the one that would most likely charge you more is the detailer that uses quality tools, materials, and boat detailing equipment. They use products specifically created for boat detailing like hard water spot remover, isinglass cleaner, and marine cleaner. Yes, quality does come with a heftier price tag.

But here’s the thing – as professionals, they know which areas need extra attention, which boat cleaning products to use for specific issues, and the equipment needed to do the job faster and more effectively. This would save you a great amount of time, don’t you think?

7. Detailer’s License, Skills, and Experience Also Affect Boat Detailing Prices

Because boats are expensive vehicles, some brands require detailers to train with them to get the certification they need to detail their boats. They are aware that harsh chemicals should only be used as a last resort, never as a means to speed up the detailing process, to prevent irreversible damage. Things like these only come from years of experience.

They also have insurance, license, and certifications – all of which ensure that you’ll be working with professionals you can trust with your highly-prized possession. You wouldn’t entrust your health and wellness to an unlicensed and inexperienced medical worker, would you? So why entrust your boat to somebody who lacks the necessary skills, license, and experience? This is probably the most influential factor that affects boat detailing rates.

Boat detailing prices do vary, depending on the vessel’s size, condition, and other factors. They can get very expensive, too. To make sure you’ll be getting the best bang for your buck, why not schedule a professional boat detailing service with us? Our technicians are experts in all types of detailing, including boat detailing services.

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