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Washing a Brand New Car

Washing a Brand New Car

Washing a Brand New Car

Just because your car is brand-new doesn’t mean that it cannot and must not be washed and detailed properly. Washing and detailing cars should be done to thoroughly clean the vehicle and protect it’s paint-job.

Road contaminants such as dirt, dust, soil particles, bird poop, grease, and grime will accumulate slowly but steadily on top of your car’s paint-job. Add to that harsh weather conditions—snow, road salt, mineral deposits from the rain, harsh sunlight—and you will realize how much beating your car takes each time you drive out of the garage. So what if it’s brand new?

You still need to wash your brand new car,

and have it detailed as soon as you see the wear and tear working away at the newness. Car owners balk at the thought of subjecting their beautifully shiny, just-out-of-the-showroom car to the seemingly rigorous process of automobile detailing, but the truth is that your car will thank you in the long run for taking this effective preventive measure immediately.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a brand new car can never look better. It can, with early detailing work that will protect the factory finish and prolong that deep, glossy shine. There’s no better way to ensure that your brand new car will stay good for as long as possible than to engage in surface protection at the earliest possible opportunity.

Your car might have already spent months on the road after having been transported from the factory in which it was assembled to the dealership where you finally bought it. While it is usually prepped for each trip by a resident detailer, chances are it might have already suffered a few blemishes here and there. As the owner, it’s best to give your brand-new car a good start by going for thorough detailing as soon as you have the time.

Your professional detailer will suggest some services

that he can do to seal in the paint and clear coat and protect the overall finish of your brand-new car. You can opt for a decontamination wash before anything else is done, if you feel that your detailer can be trusted to strip away all the previous detailing efforts done on the vehicle. This will allow him to work on a clean canvas, so to speak, and seal in the new protectants that he will apply.

On the other hand, you can go for simple claying and waxing. An automotive clay bar will grab onto any contaminants protruding from the surface of your vehicle, restoring its smooth feel and pristine look. Your detailer can then apply a fresh coating of wax to bring out a deep, healthy glow in the paint-job.

The interior will also need some serious cleaning.

Conditioners for the leather seats and trim, fabric guards for the carpet and floor mats, and sealants for the windows will all work to give your brand-new car that extra layer of protection. Plus, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your car is ready to battle the road and the elements any day of the week.

Check out the difference between professional detailing and the regular car wash done by many car detailing services who offer their service at affordable cost and relieves your burden of washing and let you roam free to enjoy the life that you love most.


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