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Best Treatment For Truck Cleaning in Cold Weather

How to Wash My Truck Exterior in Cold Weather

Best Treatment For Truck Cleaning in Cold Weather

Whatever the weather may be, you will still want to wash your truck and keep it protected from the harsh action of the elements. This could be a real problem on cold days, when it is that much harder to get rid of the muck and grime that have clung to your truck’s metal exterior.

Watch the clock, wash your truck

The best time to do the job is when the temperature isn’t too cold. This could be right around lunch time, when the sun would hopefully be at its zenith to lend you a little warmth.

You can’t possibly wash your truck with water that’s too cold either—you will not be able to dislodge dirt from the surface of your vehicle no matter how hard you scrub. In fact you might want to use warm water for a change instead of plain tap water, as the warmer temperature will help you take out stubborn dirt on your vehicle. The dirty runoff could also form puddles of thin ice on the ground, creating an unwanted hazard zone for you and for other people.

And if those are not enough reasons to convince you to pick a relatively balmy day for a truck wash, just imagine yourself working away at your vehicle in near-zero temperatures. It will not be comfortable or easy for you to work on such a cold day. Your hands will definitely turn numb in no time, and you won’t be able to do a thorough job of washing your truck.

Keep it short and simple

Your car still takes a beating even when the sun isn’t shining. Road salt, pebbles, slush, and dirty snow can all wreak havoc against the exterior and encourage premature corrosion of all metal parts. The good news is that with a little careful maintenance, you can reverse the ill effects of bad weather on your truck and protect it from further degradation.

Here are other tips you can try the next time you wash your truck even on a cold day:

  1. Dress warmly. Too many people underestimate the power of cold weather. If you spend a good amount of time cleaning your vehicle in the cold, you might get sniffles and a sore throat.
  2. Take your car out for a quick spin to warm it up. You can also turn on the engine and let it run idle for a few minutes before you begin washing.
  3. Have everything ready and within your reach. To get the job done quickly, make sure that everything you need to wash your truck is within easy reach.
  4. Wash the wheels first. Reversing the normal order of washing minimizes the amount of time that water sits on the body panel, which in turn prevents it from freezing on the surface of your vehicle.
  5. If it’s too cold and your truck badly needs a wash, call your professional auto detailer to set up an appointment. They can deal with the situation better and still deliver a good clean.

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