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The Hottest Auto Detailing Tips for 2015 and Beyond

The Hottest Auto Detailing Tips for 2015 and Beyond

The Hottest Auto Detailing Tips for 2015 and Beyond

Auto detailing is a dynamic industry that thrives on exploring and discovering new auto detailing tips. Whether it is the introduction of new detailing products or the discovery of new detailing techniques, these tips are extremely useful when it comes to improving and maintaining a car’s appearance and performance. If you are a car enthusiast interested in DIY car detailing, the following auto detailing tips will help you to refresh and add to your knowledge.

Auto detailing tips for the car interior and exterior

1. Cleaning a convertible top – know the material

A convertible top has to constantly bear the brunt of sunlight, rain, dust, dirt, and other pollutants. Hence it needs regular cleaning and maintenance. There are two types of convertible tops, canvas and vinyl. Because the two materials are different, their requirements are also different. So before you head out and buy any cleaning supplies, determine the type of your convertible top. Stay clear from products that contain ammonia, detergents, bleach and other harsh chemicals because they will cause the canvas to deteriorate and the vinyl to dry, fade, and crack over time.

2. Cleaning chrome – use elbow grease

Car detailing does not always require you to purchase detailing products because a simple home remedy can go a long way. Use elbow grease, a little water and soap to clean the wheels and the bumper of your car to restore their shiny appearance.

3. Getting rid of bad odors – replace the cabin air filter

The cabin air filter is found in newer car models (check your car maintenance manual for this feature). Its function is to purify the air inside the car by trapping pollutants such as dust, exhaust, bacteria, etc. In time, the air filter will become dirty and clogged. If there is a persistent musty odor inside the car and the air flow from the A/C system is low, then it is time to replace this filter.

4. Using foam buffing pads – understand each pad’s aggressiveness

Buffing is an important part of car paint correction. If you are using foam pads for this purpose, then it is important to understand their aggressiveness, because different paint defects require varied levels of aggressiveness to put them right. The easiest way to evaluate the aggressiveness of each pad is to know its PPI Grade (Pores Per Inch). They are marked between a range of 40-100. 40 -50 means the pad is very aggressive while a pad marked between 90-100 indicates that it is the least aggressive one.

5. Cleaning leather seats – select a “water-based” product

Taking care of leather upholstery can be a challenging task that requires the right products. When selecting a leather conditioner, make sure you choose one that is water-based and pH balanced. Water-based products can prevent leather from drying up and cracking.

The Hottest Auto Detailing Tips for 2015 and Beyond - Tips to remove mold

Tips to remove mold

6. Mold removal – use vinegar

If you are looking for a natural way to kill mold that has grown on car upholstery, carpets, etc., use vinegar

mixed with water. Spray it directly on to the affected area, leave it on for several minutes, then scrub the mold using a brush. The smell of vinegar will clear away after a few hours.

7. Use a clay bar to get superior cleaning results

A clay bar is like a magnet that attracts contaminants left behind on the car’s surface even after a rigorous washing. It can remove brake dust, water spots, dust, industrial fall out – basically all pollutants. It is a minimal risk method that can be used on the paintwork, glass and metal surfaces.

Whether it is maintaining a new car or restoring an old car to its former glory, reliable auto detailing tips can really help you out. Their effectiveness depends on proper execution. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest auto detailing tips from professionals.


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