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The Detroit Auto Show 2019: Mid-Event Overview

Detroit Auto Show 2019

The Detroit Auto Show 2019: Mid-Event Overview

The North American International Motor Show (NAIAS) is a Detroit’s (MI) annual tradition. Also known as the Detroit Auto Show 2019, it is perhaps the greatest car show in the USA and probably worldwide.

Hard to believe, but the Detroit Auto Show 2019 started more than a century ago. But it should not be a surprise that Detroit is the traditional venue. After all, it is the Motor City and home to automotive giants like GM and Ford. This year, from January 14 to January 27, Detroit is once again the center of the automotive universe.

What to Expect from Detroit Auto Show 2019

Initially, the organizers restricted the event only to US manufactured cars. But since the turn of the century, more international manufacturers started joining the event. Major brands like BMW, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Audi, and Volkswagen, have been using the Detroit Auto Show to highlight their newest offerings and event launches.

This year’s motor show is a mix of old reliable models and new upcoming players. Major brands use this event as a marketing springboard. The Detroit Auto Show also gives manufacturers an opportunity to showcase “prototypes” or concept cars or relaunch old or discontinued models. The reaction and feedback from the crowd, mostly car enthusiasts and members of the press, are critical to the car’s development.

1. It’s All About the Cars

This year’s lineup is a fantasy-meets-reality for car lovers. Power cars with old-fashioned fossil fuel horsepower are the stars of the show. Sports and muscle cars dominate the event which is somewhat surprising given the attention to electrical or hybrid technology.

First on the list is the latest iteration of the Detroit King of Power Cars, the 700-plus-horsepower Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Sporting a 5.2-liter V-8 supercharged engine, this car garnered a ton of attention and has captured the hearts of many car lovers. It is probably the most powerful muscle car Ford has manufactured.

Not to be outdone, Toyota released the 2020 version of the Supra sports car. The new Supra is a beauty with a “modest” 335 horsepower. However, the Supra made up “lack” of power by designing one of the quickest cars available. The Supra can get to 60 miles per hour in 4.1 seconds making it the quickest accelerating Toyota ever.

2. The Best Concept Cars

The Detroit Auto Show 2019 is the best venue to get a glimpse of the future. Manufacturers showcase near-production or entirely concept only cars. This year’s event has a decent amount of hybrid and electric cars.

A car that’s partly a concept since it’s base model is already existing. The Lexus LC Convertible concept car is a Lexus LC 500 with a convertible top. It’s still unclear if this will see production but given the amount of interest it generated, Lexus would be smart to start churning out this beauty as soon as possible.

Although GM classic Cadillac brings up a vivid picture of a long sleek car with fins, the Cadillac EV concept is a crossover SUV that uses a hybrid engine. There’s little information available but experts believe that GM positioned the sleek-looking car as their flagship electric-vehicle model.

However, not all launches go as smooth as planned. The Nissan luxury brand Infiniti launched their QX model which is another electric SUV. The crossover SUV market seems to be ripe for the picking and the Infiniti QX seems to be destined to go toe to toe with the Cadillac EV for the electric SUV market. The hype was deflated a bit due to a slight hiccup during the launch. The Infiniti QX was driving out to be presented to the media when it stalled and did not make it to the press conference. A nightmare for Nissan PR managers!

3. A Bit of Nostalgia

The event is also memorable due to the relaunch of familiar discontinued models. The iconic Ford Bronco SUV was announced and should be available for purchase by 2020. Production stopped in 1996 and Bronco fans have held onto their beloved SUVs knowing that they won’t get their hands on a new one. So fans were ecstatic and this has given Ford more drive to push the Bronco and seek the level of success and fandom it enjoyed.

If a particular car strikes your fancy during the Detroit Auto Show 2019 and you decide to buy it, naturally, you would want to take care of it. DetailXPerts provides innovative, eco-friendly truck and car detailing services that will take care of your vehicle. Call us and we will keep your car at showroom level.

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