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Steam Cleaning as Financial Security

Steam Cleaning as Financial Security

Looking to start a business? How about a steam cleaning car wash franchise? In this ever increasing world of shortened free time and various other hassles, the market is on the rise. I did it 4 years ago. And it was the best decision I have ever made, which gave me financial security.


Back then I was 20 (yes, I know that sounds young, but just hear me out here) and both of my parents had just been laid off. I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, and I figured that was as good a time to start as any. Moreover, I had a family to look after, I was in college, and I needed to get some financial security as soon as possible.

I started looking into investment opportunities and asking around for what I should do. After many hours of careful research, I discovered a market that looked very promising.

Steam cleaning car wash franchises.

Think about it. In this fast paced world, not many people have time to clean their cars. The market has been expanding exponentially over the last few years and showing no signs of stopping. Franchising meant that I would have all the tools at my disposal to start a company, and start it right. I would have people to call and ask if I got stuck with something, and those people would know exactly what they were talking about.


That’s when I called the nice folks at DetailXPerts to set up an appointment to discuss the opportunity for me to purchase a franchise of my own. Their stipulations were reasonable, and they would provide me with all the training I needed to get it up and off the ground. The day I signed the paperwork to finalize the deal, I knew I had just made a great decision.

We started at the ground two years ago and today I am happy to say that we are flying. My parents were able to get jobs back, at my franchise, so that they could have some financial security of their own. We are almost always busy to the max, which can be a little tricky balancing my college career with everything else, but I love the challenge. I also love my job. Not many people can say that.

The best part is that all of this is done with the power of steam, which is completely environmentally friendly (and pretty inexpensive). Since I have been passionately environmentally conscious for a very long time, this makes me feel very good about the service I am providing to all of my customers.

We also use some organic cleaning products, but sparingly. It takes an average of one pint of water to clean an entire vehicle (in addition, we do everything from boats to airplanes).

Next time you’re thinking about starting your own business, look no further than DetailXPerts. They are great people to work with and today I can proudly say that I own my own business.

– Alicia Trotter

Real Life Story:

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