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When Is the Best Time to Wax Your Car?

When Is the Best Time to Wax Your Car?

When Is the Best Time to Wax Your Car?

Just like any other car care chore, you need to wax your car regularly. You really have to allot sufficient time to get the job done right, and make sure that every swipe and buff will really bring out your vehicle’s classy showroom shine.

Car waxing all boils down to picking out the right type of wax product and cleaning tools to help you create impressive results. Is there some secret formula or magic technique that you’re missing out on? Why does your neighbor’s car look better longer? Why does your car seem shinier after an appointment with your favorite professional car detailer?

The truth is, there simply isn’t any trick that will make your car the shiniest of them all. What’s important is that you understand when to wax your car and how to do it properly. Timing can actually influence the results you can achieve in car waxing, because the wax product reacts differently with the car’s body at different temperatures.

When to Wax Your Car: Two Things to Consider


If you want to wash your car by yourself, pick a shady spot with turf or gravel.

Cleaning your car under a shade prevents the soap and water from drying out fast, consequently avoiding water spots that can be difficult to correct later on.

On the other hand, washing your car on a grassy or graveled area will help keep the dirty runoff from heading straight to the storm drains. The less chemicals in the storm drains, the cleaner and safer the environment.

It feels nice to wax your car in the summer, when the sun is shining on full blast and you can really appreciate your vehicle’s gleaming exterior. However, it’s also recommended to wax your car during the cold winter months to protect it from the elements. Moisture and cold can wreak havoc with your paint job. So applying wax before the first wave of frosts set in can do a lot to preserve the metal finish and keep your car looking fresh in the gray weather.

Pick a time

Car waxing is best done late in the afternoon, under partly cloudy skies with only minimal sunlight. If you apply wax at dusk, your car will have a good 12 hours before it meets full-on sunlight again. Doing the job at this time also helps keep the wax product just thin enough to be applied easily. The best temperature is around 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, at which range the wax will be liquid and easy to apply.

At the same time, you don’t want the car surface to be too hot when you apply the product because the latter will not stick well. Remember to set aside enough time to wax your car from top to bottom. There’s just no way to cut corners on this job, because the results will be painfully obvious once you drive out of the garage.

This concise guide will help you wax your car as efficiently as possible. However, if you lack the time to wax your car yourself, schedule an appointment with us. We have many locations that can provide you with a shiny, beautiful car that you can be proud of.

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