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IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pricing Strategies for a Truck Wash Business

Pricing Strategies for a Truck Wash Business

IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pricing Strategies for a Truck Wash Business

Prices for truck washes and truck detailing vary greatly. One reason for the great disparity is the type of secondary or add-on services offered by an individual truck detailer. Here we will explore the two main pricing strategies for a truck wash business. Both are in use in the industry, so check out their pros and cons and decide which way to go.

The Two Main Pricing Strategies for a Truck Wash Business

Although they are not the only pricing strategies for a truck wash business, the by-square-foot and by-truck-type models are the most common in the industry. The approaches they use to calculate the final price is quite different. Hence, the results may differ greatly, too. Let us take a closer look at each one.

Charging by the Square Foot

This method is preferable for commercial truck wash owners who provide basic exterior cleaning services only. It is fairly simple to use. All you need to do is get the measures of the vehicle, calculate the surface and multiply it by your set per-square-foot price. Usually, these range between $0.12 and $0.20. Thus, an 18-wheeler truck’s wash would cost between $40 and $70.

However, keep in mind that this relative price refers to a basic exterior wash only. If your B2B truck wash business offers additional services or uses a special technology or materials, you could go somewhere in the higher end of prices and charge between $65 and $80.

Charging by Axle or Truck Type

Of the two pricing strategies for a truck wash, this one is by far more popular. It is more simple to use, because all you have to do is list down the different types of trucks you serve and their respective price. Yes, it might take you some time, but you have to do it just once. In contrast, the by-square-foot methodology requires you to calculate the price for each individual inquiry you get. Additionally, customers prefer the convenience of looking at your menu and outright figuring out where their truck or fleet fits in. No need to give exact measures, no need to wait for your calculations.

Basic Pros and Cons of the Two Main Pricing Strategies for a Truck Wash

Pricing Strategies for a Truck Wash Business

The by-square-foot method of charging is very common. Its formula is simple and you can easily apply it. However, it is not quite consumer-friendly.

The by-truck-type methodology is the most popular among all pricing strategies for a truck wash. Its straightforwardness and convenience help both the business owner and his or her customers make quicker decisions. However, it requires a deep and thorough initial market research and analysis to come up with the right prices (but once you do, you only need to revisit them from time to time to keep up with the industry and larger-scale economic conditions).

More on the Topic PLUS Specific Calculations

If you find the topic interesting, check out this LinkedIn article on Pricing Strategies for a Truck Wash Business. It contains more details and specific calculations of prices based on the two most widely used pricing strategies for a truck wash business. Moreover, you will see a list of different types of trucks on the road and the respective prices for a wash service.

And while you are on LinkedIn, follow DetailXPerts’ page for more truck and auto business and franchise news and updates.


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