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Scotchgard Review – How to Clean Car Upholstery

Scotchgard Review - How to Clean Car Upholstery

Scotchgard Review – How to Clean Car Upholstery

Scotchgard upholstery products are a great choice for addressing all your car upholstery cleaning needs. With Scotchgard products you are sure to get a great finish that will make your car look like it has been professionally detailed. This Scotchgard review on their car upholstery cleaning products will help you choose the right upholstery products that suit your unique needs.

Scotchgard knows exactly how to clean car upholstery the right way, as they have been a choice brand within the cleaning industry for many years. The company has an environmental commitment, and as such they only produce hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and environmentally safe products. This is a great bonus for customers who are environmentally conscious and want to ensure that their product choices are in line with this cause. Stellar Scotchgard reviews have been given by their customers over the years. Their specially formulated car upholstery products are great options for fighting tough upholstery stains and for overall interior car cleaning.

Scotchgard products can be of use in the following ways:

Fight Tough Stains With Scotchgard Oxy Auto Spot and Stain Remover

This product is a two in one cleaner, packaged in a convenient spray bottle that is designed to attack tough stains on contact. It is best to use this product after you have vacuumed the car, removing dust and stray particles. Spray the solution directly on the stain and follow the direction given on the bottle. Rub the sprayed spot with a soft cloth or sponge after the solution has settled for the recommended period of time.

This stain remover is great for attacking stubborn stains such as lipstick, coffee, mud, motor oil, food grease, vomit, ink and ketchup. It also eliminates the odors associated with these stains so that you don’t have to worry about lingering unpleasant smells in your vehicle.

Be careful to ensure that you are following the proper steps for cleaning your upholstery, based on whether you have leather or cloth upholstery.

Deep Clean with Scotchgard Auto Fabric and Carpet Foaming Cleaner

The Scotchgard upholstery foam cleaning product is great for combating tough stains like chocolate, coffee, blood and ink. It deep cleans and protects your car’s upholstery for a quality finish.

The specially formulated ingredients in this fabric and carpet cleaner penetrates deep into upholstery to remove stubborn stains and lift dirt. To deep clean your car with this product, use it after you have shampooed and vacuumed your upholstery for targeted stain removal. Spray the foam directly on stains and use a sponge or cloth for added effort where necessary.

This foam product is great for cleaning floor mats, automotive fabrics and carpets. It protects the surface to prevent future staining.

Protect Upholstery With Scotchgard Auto Interior Fabric Protector

Scotchgard reviews, for its Auto Interior Fabric Protector are very positive. This product is great for the overall protection of your car’s interior. It is a great step in the cleaning process, as it is a preventative measure, fighting stains by providing a barrier over the areas it is applied to. This product is an excellent oil and water repellent, and it comes in a conveniently sized can for easy mobility and storage.

To use this product effectively, follow the directions on the can when spraying the product on your upholstery.  Smooth soft cloth may be used to evenly distribute the product over the complete area that it is being applied to. To release stains that threaten your upholstery after this product has been applied, gently wash the upholstery. Your fabric’s texture is not negatively affected by the use of this product.

When this product is applied, water beads up on upholstery for a quick and easy cleanup. This feature is particularly useful in protecting your upholstery during rainy seasons and against heavy mud and dirt traffic in your vehicle. It is an efficient and effective barrier against spills and stains.

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