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How to Protect Car Seats?

How to Protect Car Seats

How to Protect Car Seats?

The chic look of leather car seats makes them very attractive to one and all. However, taking care of leather seats is not easy, and it is actually a great responsibility to maintain them. A few simple steps is enough to preserve the pristine condition of your car seats, which will make them look new for a number of years. If you do not have the time to take care of them, you can look for professional detailing services near your home.

In order to protect the quality of your car seats, regular cleaning and conditioning of is a must. It is not hard or expensive as we think, and the right knowledge will certainly help you in this regard. There are certain key essential factors which you must know about your car seats, before you start out with cleaning and conditioning.

Firstly, you need to have a good idea about the type of leather that has been used in your car seat. If your car manual does not contain information on this, you can perform a small quick test which will help you to understand the kind of leather that has been used in your car seat. You can use a little amount of cool clean water on the leather surface, and you can learn about the kind of leather that has been used. If the seat absorbs water, then it means it is traditional leather. If the car seat repels the water, then it is vinyl coated leather.

It is extremely important to use the right kind of cleaner and conditioner products which will suit the leather. Making use of soap and household detergents will greatly damage your car seats. Specific products designed for leather are available in the market. Make sure that you do not apply too much conditioner on the seats as too much chemicals will actually strip off the protective coating on the leather which was applied during the tanning process. It is important that you do not make use of chemicals on your leather seat for more than twice a year.

Steps for Cleaning Leather Car Seats

  • Vacuuming leather seats: Vacuuming is extremely important for picking up all the loose particles that have been deposited in between the car seats. After vacuuming, use a damp cloth to clean the seats.
  • Use of conditioner: While applying conditioner, make sure that you apply it in small circles. Press the chemical softly on to the car seat and work it on the leather. After you have applied the conditioner, the seat should not look soaked but should look only wet.
  • Cleaning: Keep the chemical on the car seat for some time. A clean cotton cloth should be used in wiping the conditioner and make sure that you do not leave the conditioner on the seat overnight.

You can maintain gorgeous leather seats by just paying a little attention. If you are unable to devote time for protecting your car seats, you can take the help of mobile auto detailing services.


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