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Rust Proofing Your Truck: Is It Necessary?

Rust Proofing Your Truck Is It Necessary

Rust Proofing Your Truck: Is It Necessary?

A lot of truck owners believe that rust proofing is not necessary for their vehicles since they already have corrosion warranty, anyway. However, this warranty only covers rust caused due to mistakes made during the truck manufacturing process. Hence you cannot claim warranty for rust that occurs, for instance, in paint scratches or in the underbody due to road salt. This is why rust proofing your truck is a precaution that you shouldn’t do without.

Why does your truck’ s built-in rustproofing system need reinforcement?

Many modern trucks are made of galvanized steel, which means it has a protective zinc coating that is better able to withstand rust. However, this coating can chip and flake for various reasons. For instance, a deep scratch on the paint that penetrates the top coat will expose the metal. Gravel and rock chips that hit the underbody when the truck is driven will gradually chip away parts of the coating. Also during the manufacturing process, the protective coating is lost in some areas, which is unavoidable.  So to expect this built-in system to hold out for as long as you have the truck is impractical.

Trucks will show visible signs of rusting only after about 5 years of use (the areas where the zinc coating is lost during manufacturing will be the first areas to start rusting). So unless you plan to keep your truck for longer than five years, you will not be able to see the results of rustproofing, hence it may seem like an unnecessary investment. However, it will definitely increase the resale value of your truck because the buyer will understand that the truck he/she is about to purchase has been taken good care of.

However, rustproofing needs to be reapplied periodically if you need this system to really work, especially if your truck undergoes heavy wear and tear on a daily basis and you operate in an area where the weather conditions are bad.

What are the costs of rust proofing your truck?

Like many truck detailing jobs, rust proofing your truck can be done at a professional service or you can purchase a rustproofing kit and do the job yourself. At a professional service this may cost you upward of $200 while a rustproofing kit might cost you about $100. If you need to cut back on the cost, then these DIY kits are for you.  However, if you are looking for thoroughness and superiority of quality, then your best bet is a professional detailing service. Since they have acquired years of experience and undergone training for rust proofing, they will be able to reach the nooks and crevices of your truck more efficiently than you. It is recommended that you go to a professional service while your truck warranty is still valid to avoid possible claim disputes. Also, as mentioned above, to take full advantage of rustproofing, the procedure has to be repeated, so this may incur  additional expense over the years.

Ultimately, is rust proofing really necessary?

If you have leased your truck for a short period of time, then rustproofing is really not necessary. But if you own theRust Proofing Your Truck: Is It Necessary? truck and plan to sell if after a few years, rustproofing can be a valuable investment. It will give your truck the additional protection it needs to keep rust at bay and at the same time increase the value of the truck.

Rust control is a challenge because it has a tendency to occur in unnoticeable, hidden areas first. Rust proofing your truck,  therefore, will make sure these areas are protected. In addition to rust proofing, also make sure you take rust preventive measures to make the fight against rust twofold.

If you believe your truck needs to be rust proofed, contact DetailXPerts to get more information as we have years of experience in automobile rust control.

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