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DetailXPerts is the world’s first eco-friendly steam car detailer franchise. Our unique patent-pending technology saves tons of water. Thousands of satisfied customers around the country and beyond its borders recognize its uniqueness, brilliant results and environmental friendliness.

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Press Release: DetailXPerts Is Leading the Way in Vehicle Detailing and Its Marketing


Press Release: DetailXPerts Is Leading the Way in Vehicle Detailing and Its Marketing

DetailXPerts, the world’s first eco-friendly steam vehicle detailing franchise, is starting 2020 with an ever more sophisticated marketing strategy to enhance its leadership position. Additionally, it will help expand the company’s reach to both end customers and aspiring entrepreneurs interested in owning a franchise with us. The company will set on more visual elements, enhanced SEO, and a more aggressive communication on all web properties. This includes our LinkedIn page and other social media channels.

Beyond Brand Recognition as the Leading Vehicle Detailing Provider

DetailXPerts has been the market leader in offering superior vehicle detailing services for years now. People in the geographical areas we serve recognize the brand. Most have either seen some of the branded mobile detailing vans or come across our social media posts. Yelp reviews and referrals are two other popular channels of fame for the company.

The feeling you get when a complete stranger responds to your announcing that you represent DetailXPerts with ‘Really? I’ve heard about you, guys!’ is incredible.

This is what Angela Williams, the company’s President points and adds,

This is the moment when you know that the brand awareness and recognition stages of your marketing cycle are complete and it’s time to move on.

In Come the Innovative Marketing Artillery

New business goals call for new strategies. The vehicle detailing company is now ready to face the new challenges with a rich arsenal of creative marketing ideas. These are generally split in two main categories – the vehicle detailing service side and the franchise one. For each, the team has developed a variety of content items, putting a strong emphasis on videos and other visual elements. For example, DetailXPerts’ YouTube channel recently created its brand new playlist, DetailXPerts Franchise Business Tips. There we will share valuable tactics, insight, and advice primarily from own experience and that of our franchise owners. The first video of the series is already available. It sheds light on the importance of maximizing on your business’s uniqueness as explained by the company’s first franchisee, Terry Cleveland in St. Pete, FL.

Yet, creating and sharing video for the sake of content development alone is not the point. DetailXPerts’ new strategy actually ties in many elements to come up with a coherent “voice” and theme. Each item connects in a relevant and meaningful way with the rest of the activities, adding on the value created by the previous one. Moreover, it ensures a higher level of user experience and satisfaction. “Gone are the days where you’d see some marketing attempts scattered around without a unifying theme – these just won’t work anymore”, says Williams and concludes,

Marketing has evolved and so have we; we owe it to our customers and fans.

What the Market Wants

Trends clearly show a strong preference for meaningful and relevant content. Even more so, an integrated approach helps users recognize and appreciate the value that comes with each piece. To accomplish this, DetailXPerts has ambitious plans to charge up the communication with fans and followers, especially on LinkedIn and other social media. Our aim is to successfully complete the next step of our brand cycle, namely brand engagement and selection. Additionally, current SEO tactics will also be complemented and enhanced. This will make it even easier for customers and franchise prospects alike to find what they need and get in touch with us.


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