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Pet Car Wash: What Works?

Pet car wash

Pet Car Wash: What Works?

Surely you’ve thought about expanding your car wash business. One popular way to expand is by upgrading to a pet and car wash business in one. Have you noticed how many customers in your area have a household pet? How many times have you heard your customers say, “I wish you had a pet grooming/wash nearby or in here so I can have just a single stop?”

One of the most successful tandems that recently made a big hit in today’s business ventures is a pet and car wash services in one location. When you add a pet wash to an existing car wash business, expect a big hit! Convenience and value for money have been proven to be the top needs of consumers nowadays. The pet car wash business can either be a self service, full service,  by coins, or whatever various other options are available today.

When you plan it carefully, these add on services can boost your business. They work in two ways: provide good customer experience and increase revenues.

More Services Equals More Customers

According to business magazines, one way to get more revenues from existing customers is to offer more products and services. You therefore offer more reasons for your customers to come back and patronize your business when you add a pet wash to your existing car wash business.

Competitive Edge Against Business Rivals

Offering more services, like a being a pet car wash, will give your customers a good reason to choose your service over that of your competitor. For one, your customers can accomplish two tasks at one time. In addition, you make them feel that you are thinking of their needs which in return builds a good image of you as an entrepreneur who is on the lookout for more customer satisfaction.

More Customer Business Opportunities

Having a pet wash right beside your car wash business widens your target market. Not only will you get car enthusiasts as regulars, you catch the attention of pet lovers and pet owners as well. This paves the way for more opportunities like a pet salon, pet specialty store, and convenience shops, etc.

Brand Awareness for your Pet Car Wash Business

The pet car wash business also affords you more chances of learning more about your customers and what they need, thus you have more opportunities to offer advantages that your brand can give your customers.

More Value for your Customers’ Time and Money

In the long run, adding a pet wash business to your car wash business provides your customers more value for their time and money. They do not have to spend much time in coffee shops while waiting for their cars to undergo detailing services. Rather, they can spend the time bonding and doing something productive with their pets. Furthermore, this means big savings for them since car care and pet care become multi-tasking jobs accomplished at a lower cost. Customer benefits could multiply even more when you offer a discount for the pet and car wash services availed at the same time.

How to Get Started


Make sure you have ample space for the pet wash area. Be it self service, coin operated or a more elaborate type,

sufficient and appropriate space should be allotted for this expansion. It may also entail renovations on the current plumbing system that you have in your current car wash business.

Start Up Costs

First, determine the specific type of pet wash business you would want to put up or to add on to your existing car wash facility. Start up costs will vary on the complexity of the business services you will put up. The coin operated type may require more capital upon start up, to purchase the equipment, but will not require any maintenance

additional costs because there will be no need to hire someone to man the pet wash area. You can also tie up with veterinary services and pet shops nearby and explore other capital and financial options. You can stick to the basics in terms of equipment like shampoos, towels, ramps, tubs, drying equipment, etc. since you have yet to determine what specific services your customers would patronize. Leave the more advanced equipment when you have tested the waters and the customer turnout. Some car wash businesses have expanded and added a pet wash service by just purchasing 2 washing tubs which proved to be a real success. Also, don’t forget to research on the insurance requirements for the  services.

Other Requirements

Technically, the pet wash business would not need more licenses than what your car wash business already has. However, you may have to seek certification from various organizations required by state laws. Moreover, you may need to prepare or devise a marketing plan that will introduce your new additional services to your market. Be very careful that you explain in detail what the services include because not everyone is familiar with pet wash services integrated within a car wash service.

Employee Training for Your Pet Car Wash

This will not be much of a problem for the self service type of pet wash where the pet owners themselves take care of their pets while the various services are done. But if you would like to extend services to grooming after washing or more complex types of pet wash services, it may be necessary to hire a more skilled employee or have an employee undergo pet wash services training.

According to Entrepreneur magazine, in 2004, the American market spent $34.5 billion on various pets per the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association reports. The same report says the figure is expected to rise in the next succeeding years. Statistics indeed can be promising; now is the right time to expand your business! Read more tips and suggestions on how to maintain the lead not only in the car wash industry, but by exploring the market of capturing pet lovers as well. Subscribe to our blog now!

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