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Business Amenities: How They Impact Your Car Wash Bottom Line

Business Amenities How They Impact Your Car Wash Bottom Line

Business Amenities: How They Impact Your Car Wash Bottom Line

All potential and start-up car wash owners and franchisees should consider adding the right business amenities as these can positively affect their bottom line. These non-car wash features actually work two ways: provide good customer experience and increase revenues. Exert more effort and you may actually come up with ways to prevent environmental degradation as well. Not to mention that these business amenities can provide more than ample earnings during lean season.

How Business Amenities Can Impact a Car Wash Bottom Line

Successful car wash owners know the value of business amenities when it comes to increasing their profits and making customers happy. For example, a car wash with laundry benefits the owner, the customer and the environment as well. Aside from the detailing fee, the owner also earns from the additional revenues generated by the laundry and from the savings he gets from buying soap and other items that he can also use for washing car wash towels and other fabrics. The customer, on the other hand, saves time and gasoline from not having to go to a separate laundry while waiting for his car to be detailed. This set up can also protect the environment since the customer does not have to use gasoline while the owner has to use just one dumpster for waste water disposal.

Meanwhile, customers can sit and eat inside a cafeteria. Add WiFi and the customer may stay even longer because he cannot only sit and eat but work as well. The owner, alternatively, earns from the sales of sodas, pizzas, sandwiches or whatever products are sold in his cafeteria.

Business amenities like convenience stores also provide the customer with an accessible place to do some shopping, which again saves his precious time and effort from doing his shopping somewhere else. The sales from chips, candies, gum and magazines add up to the owner’s profits.

Car wash owners can also improve sales and customer satisfaction by including a salon or barber shop, spa or other “feel good” business amenities. Customers can have a place to reward themselves after a long, tiring day at the office while their cars are being detailed.

Entrepreneurs must also consider the clients’ children. A garden with a mini playground to give them a place to play instead of bothering their parents. This added value will provide parents some free time to relax and enjoy. They may even buy some snacks to eat and magazines to read as they sit on the garden grass. Some children even anticipate the visit to the detailers due to the fun times they have with others. This creates a positive image for the car wash while increasing the profits of its owner.

Indeed, business amenities can work well for both car wash owners and customers. While improving the car wash bottom line, these extras can give satisfaction to the customers. These can save the clients’ time, money and effort, provide easy access to some of the most basic daily necessities and allow them to have some rest and relaxation as well.

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