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Pet Car Wash: How to Choose the Right One for Your Best Buddies

Pet Car Wash How to Choose the Right One for Your Best Buddies

Pet Car Wash: How to Choose the Right One for Your Best Buddies

A pet car wash is a way to fill two needs with one deed. You can return with a clean car and a clean pet in one trip, which means less hassle and less gas money spent. But when two services are offered by the same place, evaluating it becomes a bigger challenge. It has to be the best for both your pet and car. Read our top tips for selecting the best pet car wash that will take proper care of both your buddies.


Should you select a cheap service?

“Cheap” is a tempting word, but it is rarely synonymous with “best”. Many pet car wash services are only concerned with profit, so they might not be properly equipped to take care of your car and pet. Different car models have detailing needs unique to each of them, and the same can be said for your pet. For instance, if your pet has sensitive skin, it might need a hypoallergenic shampoo. Therefore, a pet car wash that uses generic products is certainly not the best choice.

Automated car washes wash a large number of cars per day and the brushes are not cleaned after each car. So when it’s your turn, all the dirt, grit and grime from the previously washed cars are going to be slapped on to your car at a very high speed. Similarly, when it comes to your pet, is it safe for it to share the same washing tub with a large number of pets? A pet that was washed before you could have had a disease that is spread via shared brushes, towels, etc. So using a cheap pet car wash that is poorly equipped could mean you are putting your pet’s health at risk.

A pet car wash should be safe for both your car and pet. Many services have separate bays installed to wash your pet safely. But a poorly constructed bay will give your furry friend who hates bath time a chance to escape. Imagine your pet running around a car wash. Many of these services use high power washers that operate with enough pressure to strip flesh from the bone. Needless to say, a pet car wash that cannot guarantee the safety of your car and pet should be avoided, regardless of costs.

Look for an organic pet car wash

Both your car and your pet can greatly benefit from going green. If you choose an automated car wash that uses highly acidic chemicals, chances are that their pet wash also uses chemical based grooming products. Moreover, the chemicals from the car wash might be hazardous for your pet, especially when the interior is cleaned to remove pet hair and pet stains. Chemical residue might be left behind on the seats that is bad for not only your pet, but also for you. Hence, you know your car is safe to use when it has been cleaned using organic products.

Self-service or professional help

A pet car wash is either self-service or it will have trained professionals to take care of both your buddies. While a DIY service will cost you much less than a professional service, professionals can always do a better job. As mentioned above, self-service pet car washes will treat all cars and pets the same, while professionals will understand their unique needs. But you also have to beware of pet wash “professionals” who can simply be car wash employees without proper training and knowledge about pet grooming. Neither your car nor your pet should be left at the hands of fake professionals.

If you can’t find a reliable pet car wash service that will take care of both your pals the right way, then it is always better to separate the two jobs. Take your car to a professional detailing service and your pet to a professional pet grooming service for peace of mind.

If you are looking for superior cleaning results for your vehicle, schedule an appointment with us.

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