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Using Nu Finish Scratch Doctor for Small Scratches

Using Nu Finish Scratch Doctor for Small Scratches

Using Nu Finish Scratch Doctor for Small Scratches

Nu Finish Scratch Doctor is one of  the top scratch removers that can easily repair surface scratches on your car. It is guaranteed and proven that the product won’t leave behind traces and marks. Eliminating small scratches, paint scrapes, swirl marks, haze and scuffs is never a problem with Nu Finish Scratch Doctor. Although deep scratches may need a trip to your car detailing expert, the small scratches are always a wipe away with this product. So if you think the best way to remove small scratches is to have the whole car repainted, or coated with paint to cover up the scratch, think again! Believe it or not, Nu Finish Scratch Doctor is the easiest and perhaps, the best way to go for that small scratch you are worrying about.

How to Use Nu Finish Scratch Doctor

When using the above product, you must remember that scratches may vary from shallow to deep. Here is a step by step guide to use the product :
1.      WASH. The area to be treated  must be thoroughly cleaned.
2.      APPLY. Squirt a small amount of the product on a car wash cloth then apply this to the affected area.
3.      RUB. Rub the product onto the car’s paint thoroughly. A deeper scratch may need more than one application. Nu Finish Scratch Doctor must complement  the car’s paint and exterior car detailing.
4.      DRY. Let it dry out of direct sunlight. Wipe it off with a clean cloth or microfiber towel.
5.      REAPPLY. Repeat the procedure as many times as necessary until improvement in car’s appearance becomes visible.

Nu Finish Scratch Doctor is IN!

True to it’s name, Nu Finish Scratch Doctor does not allow more damage to occur on the scratched area of your car. This product uses safe, environmentally-friendly compounds that gradually smooth out the scratch, including its sharp edges.

Testimonial: the Product Works

A detail technician from Detroit, MI, can attest to the result of Nu Finish Scratch Doctor. He followed the procedure right to the dot. The Mercedes Benz C- Class he was working on had minor scratches on the left front door. He was definitely pleased with the results right after application. As a detail technician, he wants to regularly use the product in his everyday exterior car detailing needs. And he said yes, when asked if he’d recommend the product to his friends.

While car washing or parking along narrow spaces, or who knows when some minor accidents occur, scratches can happen out of nowhere. But with this product, a trip for a paint job at the body shop may no longer be necessary. Finally, there is a product that really works as what the brand boasts. With the hustle and bustle of everyday living, Nu Finish Scratch Doctor is the convenient answer you have been looking for. Remember, it is always best to check out our various locations and reach out to your car detailing specialist to help you get rid of that messy,  unpleasant-looking scratch.

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