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Mobile Truck Wash: Why Is It One of the Most Profitable Franchises for Veterans?

Mobile Truck Wash Profitable Franchises for Veterans

Mobile Truck Wash: Why Is It One of the Most Profitable Franchises for Veterans?

A lot of investors and companies are opening their doors to veterans. They do it in recognition of their skills and qualities that veterans have developed during their military training. Boston reports that Angel Capital Association, an investor group in the US has this to say about veterans. “They are the kind of folks who can really execute a business plan.”  The association’s chairman, David Verril adds that veterans know how to remain calm under pressure and adapt quickly to changing environments. Combine these important attributes with the incredible economic opportunities veteran owned ventures are afforded and it’s a recipe for a success from an investor’s perspective.” What are the most profitable veteran franchises that they can start?

For example, one of the most profitable franchises like a mobile truck wash would be perfect for veterans. Not only is this an exciting automotive franchise opportunity, it is also very profitable.  In addition, it would also provide veterans the avenue to exhibit their skills and abilities they have learned in their various experiences.

Reasons Why a Mobile Truck Wash Franchise is One of the Most Profitable Veteran Franchises:

A Mobile Truck Wash Franchise Needs a Multi-skilled Entrepreneur

Fire and describes veterans as possessing the following skills needed for entrepreneurial success: confidence, discipline, listening skills. Moreover they are self-motivation, leadership, risk and stress management, team work and focus.  All these are what franchisors look for in prospective franchisees to be successful. A mobile truck wash franchise can be initially started as a one-man team. In fact, it appeals to entrepreneurs who can run a one-man operation. Definitely not a problem for veterans! Their hard work and dedication will keep even a one-man mobile truck wash business running smoothly. They will also be adept in following the franchise’s systems and procedures. In fact, in an article compiled from 332,860 bosses, peers, and subordinates, published online by the Harvard Business Review entitled “The Skills Leaders Need at Every Level”, all the necessary skills have been honed by our veterans during training.

A Mobile Truck Wash Franchise Needs a Strategic Game Planner

According to an article in, An Investigative Report on Franchise Profits, mobile businesses especially work for people who are outgoing. You need to have a sales and marketing mindset to succeed as you have to prospect for business.  According to another article in November 2014, servicemen have consistently instilled skills during their training, one of which is strategic thinking.  Furthermore, veterans are very self-motivated and they take accountability. These characteristics will ensure veterans can carry out extraordinary marketing strategies that even the most profitable franchises will envy.

A Mobile Truck Wash Franchise Needs a Strong Leader

The same article states that mobile businesses have exploded – from pet grooming to truck washes to numerous other concepts. You name it. It has gone mobile! It is the kind of service consumers look for today. With everyone busy doing their own thing, they need convenience and flexibility — two things a mobile truck wash offers. The popularity of mobile truck wash services requires a management with strong leadership skills. It could start as a small business with one or two employees, then grow to meet the customers’ demands. This setup is perfect for veterans as they have strong leadership skills. Military veterans are used to operating in an extremely structured and team-oriented environment. They know how to give orders and delegate.  This is no hearsay; even lists the reasons why most profitable veteran franchises options are automotive franchise opportunities.

A Mobile Truck Wash Franchise is a Good Transition for Veterans

Owning a business would greatly help veterans in their transition to civilian life. They would still be able to put to good use all the skills they have acquired during training and in the field. This would greatly boost their self-esteem as they will still continue to be productive citizens of the country. Time suggests that helping our servicemen get back on track via entrepreneurship is a sensible option. Of course, the profitability of a mobile truck wash franchise would be a plus for our veterans.

Truck Wash – One of the Most Profitable Veteran  Franchises – A Perfect Combination

There’s a reason why a mobile truck wash is one of the most profitable veteran franchises. According to, there is an estimated 15.5 million trucks operating in the US. That’s a lot of trucks that need to be washed! You will never run out of customers as the figure just keeps on increasing year after year. An average of 192,000 trucks are sold every year. Statistics also show that truck owners take their trucks to professionals for washing and detailing. A 2015 market research published by IBISWorld reports that the automobile wash and detailing industry has revenue of $9 billion. More and more truck owners and drivers are seeing the value in having professionals take care of their trucks. The numbers show that the mobile truck wash industry shows a lot of promise and is ready to accommodate more hands.

Now, the Washington Post reports that unemployment rate for recent veterans is incredibly high at 10%.  If states that veterans are twice as likely to be successful entrepreneurs as civilians, then we may just have the perfect balance to the emerging unemployment problem. The solutions is exactly most profitable veteran franchises – the truck wash industry.


Of the most profitable veteran franchises, a mobile truck wash franchise is the perfect match for veterans. It all boils down to how busy one is willing to be and how many trucks one is willing to wash. A veteran’s strong work ethics and dedication will come into play in making a mobile truck wash as profitable as it can be.

Interested to learn more about the mobile truck wash franchise opportunities, download the Free Franchise Report now!

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