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Mobile Car Wash Business – 5 Signs This Service Is Not for You

Mobile Car Wash Business – 5 Signs This Service Is Not for You

Mobile Car Wash Business – 5 Signs This Service Is Not for You

Environmental sustainability, convenience, efficiency. These are just three of the benefits that a mobile car wash business can provide. However, some people are still wary about using these services. Are you one of them? Do you really feel that having your car cleaned by a mobile detailer is just not your cup of tea?

Mobile Car Wash Business: Not for You?

How can you tell if mobile car washing is simply not for you? Here are five signs:

1. If your home or office is located near a car wash

A mobile car wash business offers a great deal of convenience for busy people who just do not have the time to drop by a stationary car wash. If you fall within this group, then mobile car washing might be just for you. But if your home or office is situated beside or anywhere near a car wash, then, using the services of a mobile auto detailer would both be impractical and pointless. The first is cost and time efficient since you do not have to pay an extra fee for the gasoline needed to travel from the head office to your location. But here’s a thought – stationary car washes consume a lot of water and use harsh auto detailing products which may damage natural resources. On the other hand, a mobile car wash business uses the least amount of water and organic products, thus promoting environmental sustainability.

2. If you just cannot entrust your car to anybody else

Are you one of the people who just cannot bear to let any other mortal hand touch your dearest, most prized possession? If you want to do it yourself because you feel that you and only you are the best person who can take care and clean your car to shining perfection, then a mobile car business is definitely not for you. Bear in mind, however, that cleaning your car all by your lonesome self can eat up a lot of your time and effort that you can otherwise spend with the ones you love.

3. If you prefer the brushes of a stationary car wash

What services are you looking for in an auto detailing service provider? Do you think that passing your car through the brushes of a stationary car wash is the only efficient way to get it cleaned? In reality, those brushes actually do more damage to your car’s clear coat, the layer that protects your car’s exterior paint. These are the usual sources of swirls and surface scratches that can look unsightly through the passage of time. A mobile car wash business like DetailXPerts uses steam and microfiber

4. If you have kids who enjoy your trips to the car wash

A mobile car wash business is not for you if you and your kids consider a trip to the car wash as a fun-filled activity. This is especially true when the car wash in your area has business amenities to keep your young ones busy as you chat with other customers. And besides, what kid does not love to see and hear the gush of water as it comes into contact with your car? But wouldn’t it be more fun if you stay at home and play some games as an auto detailer steams your car? Your kids will be fascinated as dirt and grime magically disappear right before their very eyes.

5. If you want to economize

The services of a mobile car wash business, of course, cost a little more than a stationary one so it is not a likely option for people who want to economize. There are just so many things that you can buy out of the money you can save, right? But if you consider the many advantages that it can provide, then that cost becomes insubstantial.

Do you want to try DetailXPerts patent-pending steam cleaning method? Then come visit us at one of our locations. We do not only engage in mobile detailing, but also detailing on-site.

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