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What Service to Look For in an Auto Detailing Service Provider?

What Service to Look For in an Auto Detailing Service Provider?

What Service to Look For in an Auto Detailing Service Provider?

Getting a car detailed after clocking those long miles and time needs  providers that deliver true bang for your buck. You need an auto detailing service provider that understands automobiles, knows how to use the right equipment and genuinely cares for his customers.

While newbie’s might deliver you glossy yet temporary results, it is professional detailing that you need when you want nothing but the best care for your automobiles.

But how do you one find an able auto detailing service provider?

First, you need to know the kind of services delivered by various detail shops.

Auto Detailing Service Provider: Different Services

Professional detailers offer more than just spray and mop cleaning services. They clean deep into your upholstery, tires and even below the mats. They also let you choose between various detailing packages so you get the best results for your budget. Here are the various services offered by professional auto detailers:

  • Exterior hand car wash / dry
  • Tire Dressing
  • Windows Inside / Out
  • Dashboard, Headliner & Console
  • Vacuum Interior & Deodorize
  • Steam Clean & Shine Wheels
  • Seats
  • Premium Hand Wax Exterior
  • Conditioning Carpet and Upholstery
  • Bug removal
  • Steam Clean & Shine Rims
  • Doors & Door Jambs
  • Vent Cleaning
  • Steam Clean Floor Mats

While such services fit best for people looking to restore their car, there are car lovers who want more services like:

  • Air Sanitation – sanitize and sterilize interior
  • Plastic, vinyl clean & conditioning
  • Polish fender wells, moldings, and chrome trim
  • Leather seats cleaned & conditioning
  • Swirl removal

So to answer the question on how to define professional detailing service providers, you know you have hit the right ones when they offer you all these services and more.

But what when you find many detail shops offering similar services?

Pick the Best among Dime a Dozen Auto Detailers

The auto detailing industry is growing exponentially. As with any other industry, there are good and not-so-good providers. In such an environment, you need to narrow down your choices so your vehicle gets the care and attention it deserves.

To help you do that, refer to the list below and evaluate auto detailers accordingly:

Eco Friendly Professional Detailing

Look for detail shops that use eco-friendly detergent solutions. Not only are you actively protecting the environment; this also ensures that your car’s surface gets to bear the least acidic solutions and cleaning agents. Keep in mind that the more acidic the cleaning solution, the faster the paint color fades.

Hand and Мachine Wash

There are places and stains that need professional hand care. Similarly, there are spots that only machines can fix. Therefore, check for auto detailers that offer both services, preferably under packages. This way you get the best bang for your buck.

Steam Сleaning

While this goes under eco-friendly cleaning methods, steam cleaning alone is a big factor to consider. With steam cleaning, auto detailers can deliver advanced results. Since steam cleaning is delivered at high temperatures and pressure, it ensures that no stain stays behind and leaves unsightly spots. It goes real deep and uses as less as one pint of water to detail a car. Need we say more about it?

Mobile Дetailing

Let’s accept it. We all love spick-and-span cars but who has the time for it? Killing the weekend just to drive the car to the nearest auto detailer can be a mood dimmer. To put this worry to rest, mobile auto detailing is what you need. With mobile detailing, you dial professional detailers to your doorstep.


While costs should not be a conclusive factor, it should nevertheless factor in when you have to narrow down. Compare the cost of auto detailing services and take your call.

In a nut shell, look for detail shops that are updated in terms of technology and offer mobile detailing as well. Check them for their professionalism, mobility and ensure that they use eco friendly techniques to clean the vehicles. You don’t want to bear the blame for waning environment!

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