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Mobile Car Wash Business – 5 Reasons You Should Look Elsewhere

Mobile Car Wash Business – 5 Reasons You Should Look Elsewhere

Mobile Car Wash Business – 5 Reasons You Should Look Elsewhere

Mobile car wash businesses are quite something today, offering an extra service edge as compared to the traditional experience. All the same, and despite the immense advantages, you might opt against going for the ‘mobile car wash’ when considering services to get your car cleaned up. Here are 5 reasons your should look elsewhere:

  1. Need to Take a Drive – a mobile car wash business brings convenience to your location, be it your office premises or home. But sometimes, you might just feel like you need to take a drive away to the local car wash center…in which case a mobile detailing will not be your most ideal choice.
  2. Prefer Self-Service Wash – a mobile detailing car wash business gets everything done for you quickly and conveniently. But what if you want to clean your car, but don’t have the assortment of cleaning equipment needed to do it yourself? Self-service car wash centers allow you to use a water jet and foam brush to clean your car, at a fee. They often have a coin-operated vacuum cleaner as well. It’s important to keep in mind that you might need to bring your own cleaning towel, in case the center doesn’t provide one for you!
  3. Need Some Exercise – a mobile car wash service is not for you if you feel washing your car might be a good way to exercise and burn out a few excess calories. This means you also need some extra time to get things done yourself, perhaps on a weekend or after an early work day. Mobile detailers get the job done in an average service time of 20 minutes. But when you do it yourself, you’ll need between one and two hours – depending on the status of your car and how much cleaning needs to be done.
  4. Loyal Customer Elsewhere? So are you a loyal customer at some local car wash center? If this is case, a mobile car wash business might not be your best course of action. Some people naturally feel that cars should be washed at a stationary center in the traditional sense. If you are one of those people, the ease of service and modernity provided by a mobile detailing service might not appeal to you.
  5. Aren’t much into Eco – nowadays, a lot of car wash businesses, especially mobile detailers, are going green and hi-tech. Having a ‘green’ car wash team polish up your car while you shop is an approach that appeals to many people these days. Indeed, softer brushes, better cloths and computerized technology are part of the deal. All this brings about an eco-friendly service that helps you contribute to environmental conservation efforts – however small your contribution might be. But if you don’t give much thought into being eco-friendly, or prefer the ‘simple affairs’ methodology typical of traditional car wash centers, mobile detailing might not be your best choice.

If you want to test the mobile car wash business all the same, leveraging eco-friendly approaches and better cleaning methodologies, our DetailXPerts team not only engage in mobile detailing, but also detailing on-site.

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