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Lowering Your Car – Advantages and Disadvantages

Lowering Your Car - Advantages and Disadvantages

Lowering Your Car – Advantages and Disadvantages

Some car owners can feel very proprietary toward their vehicles to the point that they want it to look different from all the other regular roadsters out there. They shell out cash to do custom works on the body, like adding a tail-fin or putting a distinctive paint job. Others turn to the car’s interior to make it more personalized, luxurious, and comfortable. Still others resort to changing the car’s over-all appearance by availing of a lowered suspension. Briefly stated, lowering your car means swapping out the manufacturer’s suspension system with custom-lowered one.

Your car comes with conventional-size and strength springs that help it deal with potholes and bumps on the road. Your manufacturer has spent considerable time and money to come up with just the right components for your car. Not even the most highly-trained and knowledgeable mechanic has the same resources to provide you with that same R&D background. However, there are still automobile customization experts who can deliver top-notch vehicle lowering services that can provide you with a perfect ride.

Advantages of Lowering Your Car

What should you expect to gain from lowering your car? Here are some of the pros to customizing your car’s suspension system:

  • Greater Customization Options

Of course, the main advantage of a lowered car is its head-turning good looks. Not a lot of people have the money, the confidence, or the wherewithal to modify their vehicle significantly. Getting lowering services definitely counts as a major change.

  • Lowered Center of Gravity for Better Handling Features

Most of the time, you want to lower your car to lower both wind resistance and the vehicle’s center of gravity. This means that you can drive faster.

  • Decreased Body Roll

Your car is not likely to turn over any time soon, even when you’re driving at a fast clip and hit the edge of a curb or some other obstruction on the road. This is another great thing for race car drivers who may need to turn the steering wheel in either direction in a jiffy.

  • Better Overall Road Feel

Better aerodynamics will give you a smoother ride as you increase your speed. Moreover, it will feel as if the vehicle is more in contact with the road than if you simply kept your old suspension system.

Disadvantages of Lowering Your Car

That is just one side of the coin. Now let’s look at the disadvantages that you might have to deal with after lowering your car:

  • Any Custom Work Will Cost You a Significant Amount of Money

This is especially true when you’re working on not just any small thing on the vehicle, but on the entire system that allows your car to run smoothly.

  • Aftermarket Parts Will Be More Expensive, Too

As you toy and tweak your car’s components, you will still need replacements and repairs every now and then. Go with the OEM’s aftermarket parts as much as possible, because these are built for your car’s specific dimensions. Fitting the old and new parts together will not be that difficult.

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