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How to Use Email for Your Car Wash Marketing

How to Use Email for Your Car Wash Marketing

How many of your circle of family, friends and colleagues have email accounts? And how many have Facebook or Twitter accounts? Without a doubt, the email accounts will outnumber the latter two as it was started almost a decade before Facebook was officially launched. For that reason alone, it makes sense to give added focus on this medium to advance your car wash marketing strategies to reach your targeted audiences.

Whether your strategy is to increase brand awareness; to promote sales, specials and packages; to do a launch; or to increase website traffic, it all can be done and done effectively using this medium.

The yesteryear methods of using press, radio and in store activity to raise brand awareness to your car wash are still around but they have limited impact. They have a shorter “shelf life” in contrast with emails that can be distributed at any time. Emailing is unintrusive, because you can only send them to people who opt in to your subscriber list, and it is available 24-7 unless the recipient deletes them.


You can easily design emails to promote sales, discount packages or monthly newsletters with special offer for its subscribers. There are many web-based email marketing applications that allow you to quickly produce a very professional digital piece of work at very low cost and with great flexibility. You can include social media buttons that encourage your reader to pass the word along or to share it via their social media pages.

You can then schedule to have them bulk mailed to your targeted recipients at hardly any cost. Your targeted recipients will find it convenient to bookmark or favorite them if they plan to take up your offer at the specified dates.


Think of the launches you have to do when a new service or product or a new store is about to go live. You want to get the word out well in advance but before that, you have to ensure both its design and message will catch the eye and tug at the hearts of your intended audience to show up for the event.

There are many well-designed, affordable software with a wide selection of design templates and forms you can use to create the individual look and feel for each of your events.

These apps not only allow you to plan, build and organize your campaigns from scratch, they also help you to track if your emails are opened / deleted / followed through. This feedback is important as it tells you which campaigns were successful and which ones were less so. Where it is successful, you will know your subscribers a bit better. Where it failed, you can use the information gathered to tweak similar areas in your future campaigns for greater efficacy and impact.

Personalized Specials

There is something personal about receiving personalized greetings, gift vouchers or specials on one’s birthday, regardless of if it’s from a friend or a business. Your customers will be touched that your business pays attention to these personal details. While you can use the US Postal Service to send these greetings or gift vouchers out, you are guaranteed their prompt arrival by pre-scheduling their email versions in advance.

When it comes to your car wash marketing, with trial and error, you will know the best design and context for the different kinds of campaigns you want to launch. One thing is for sure, marketing is critical to the survival of any business. And if you downplay the importance of emails in your marketing mix, you are in effect handing over your prospective sales, revenue, leads and customers to your competition.

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