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How to Prepare a Car for Storage

How to Prepare a Car for Storage

How to Prepare a Car for Storage


Putting your car in storage requires ample preparation, not just in terms of where and when to store the vehicle, but also what to do to make it ready for the time it will spend away from the road.

It is common knowledge that your car is better off zipping along the highways, but sometimes there’s no going around the fact that you need to put your car into storage for a few weeks. Perhaps you’re going away on a business trip, a dream vacation or a long-term visit to relatives across the country. Whatever the reason is for not bringing your car, it is highly critical for you to choose the best means and place to store it while not in use.

Why we should always prepare a car for storage

Before you drive off to the storage facility, you have to make sure that you have prepared the car for storage and that it will work just as well as it always does. A lot of things can go wrong in just a few days, and if you’re not careful about prepping your vehicle, you might find that it will require expensive detailing and repair work when you come back. A dead battery, flat tires, flaking paint, loose trimmings—all these things and more will greet you hello if you don’t put in enough time and effort to get your car ready.

Here’s what you can do to prep your wheels for storage:

  •   Wash and wax the vehicle’s exterior: You can do this on your own, or better yet, schedule it for full-service detailing a couple of days before you leave. Your detailer may be able to spot potential problems and nip them in the bud before they cause real damage during the time your vehicle is kept in storage.
  • Vacuum, shampoo, and condition the interior: Anything that has been left closed for more than a few weeks will certainly acquire a musty, moldy odor. Your car is no exception. Lower the chances of your car turning into a stink-bag by thoroughly cleaning and conditioning the interior. Get rid of every bit of trash and food that has accumulated inside your vehicle to prevent bacteria from growing in profusion. A pie tin of charcoal bricks spread on a piece of newspaper will do a good job of soaking up the bad odors. Leave the windows rolled down a inch or so to allow air to circulate freely.
  • Top off all fluids: Full fluid pipes will inhibit condensation. Add fuel stabilizer to your full gas tank to prevent it from breaking down and evaporating.
  • Grease up: Change the oil and filter in your car to prevent corrosion in the engine block. Apply high-quality grease on your suspension and steering systems to prevent them from drying out during storage.
  • Remove the batteries from your vehicle: This step is dependent on whether you’re driving a old model car or a new one. Most new vehicles require constant power thanks to their advanced computer systems. Ask your detailer about this specific step before you leave your car in storage.

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