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How to Keep Your Car Paint from Fading?

How to Keep Your Car Paint from Fading?

How to Keep Your Car Paint from Fading?

Although car paint is bound to fade off in time, you can delay it by following certain simple tips and techniques. You can prevent the fading of your car paint right from your home.

Steps to Prevent Car Paint from Fading

  1. Understanding the causes of fading. The major culprit of paint fading is ultra-violet rays from sunlight. Pollutants from the environment like salt, bird droppings, and insects; biochemical residues; and chemically-laden auto detailing supplies are other factors that may speed up discoloration.
  2. Park under a shade. As much as possible, park your car under a shade. If you don’t have access to such an area, use a car cover with ultraviolet protection. This way, your car’s paint won’t be exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
  3. Removing Chemicals: It is very important to wash your car properly at least once in two weeks. Doing so will remove some chemicals that your car is always exposed to.  If your car stays in the garage for long, then you can wash it say once in 3 weeks or so. If you leave your car frequently exposed to chemicals, then the chemicals will eat the car’s finish. To avoid this, go for a clear coat on top of your car’s paint which will add an extra layer of protection against harsh chemicals and ultraviolet rays.
  4. Avoid use of abrasives: Most of the car polishes available in the market contain a lot of abrasives. These can cause paint chipping. Thus, the car paint becomes quite vulnerable to fading.
  5. Wax your Car: It is important to wax your car as it has a number of advantages over car polishing. Waxing will not remove any of the surfaces that is generally caused due to abrasion. It protects the car’s finish which against nature’s elements. However, make sure that you do not over-wax as it can affect the overall look of your car.

Although you cannot stop your car paint from fading, you can definitely slow down this process by taking care of your car sensibly. For best results, seek the help of professional detailers.

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