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How to Get Car Wash Insurance

How to Get Car Wash Insurance

Before we begin to discuss how to get car wash insurance, let us touch on the types that are available and why you might need them in the first place.

The main types of policies that most car wash businesses need are designed to cushion the business:

  1. from losses in case of damage caused by wear and tear, damage, thefts, and natural disasters;
  2. from liability towards customers and public in general in case of accidents that may arise and
  3. as required by law such as to provide workers’ compensation coverage for your employees while they are working for you.

Make Two Checklists

Knowing the types of protection that is available, your next step should be to create two lists of items to be covered for your business property and for your general liability. Under the umbrella of business property would be building and contents, equipment, replacements, business income, business vehicles, business systems, and personal property of others.

General liability covers situations where individuals or property is/are damaged on your premises due to negligence or omission. Plus, if you choose, you can opt to include payment for related medical expenses and lawsuits the customer may file against your company. Although similar types of insurance coverage apply to the sector, the level of coverage by each business owner will differ. Depending on factors such as your specific type of car wash and the scale of your business.

Research and Shop Around

The next phase will involve researching reputable insurance companies in your local area and make appointments with their representatives to find out what they have to offer. Their product names and how they package offerings and cost them will differ as well. Make sure to take the time to learn about their product offerings and ensure they are as close a match to your business insurance needs and budget.

The importance of having car wash insurance for your business cannot be understated. It serves to protect against unforeseen circumstances that can and often, do occur. It also serves a dual purpose of reinforcing the image and stability of the business in the eyes of your investors, lenders, customers and employees.

Those who put money into your car wash operations want to see you have vested interest in its long term existence and growth. This obviously means one needs a recovery back up plan in the event of accidents, damages or disasters. Similarly, customers who are entrusting a car wash with the cleaning and detailing of their assets and employees who handle dangerous equipment on the job, would rather choose a business with insurance over one that is without. For the simple fact that customers and employees can expect to have some reprieve in case accidents occur.

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