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How to Ensure Your Car Is a Safe Place for Your Children in the Winter?

How to Ensure Your Car Is a Safe Place for Your Children in the Winter?

Winter months are known to reduce kids’ resistance to sickness. Colds are also frequent during this season. This leads to germs – germs and more germs! Your kid’s immune system becomes weak during the winter months and they become more susceptible to sickness. This is obvious something every parent wants to avoid. It is a rather hard thing to see your child suffer from something you know you could have avoided.

During the summer and fall seasons, dust mites may be another serious problem. Dust mites thrive in warm weather and they feed on dead skin cells. On average we shed about 10 grams of dead skin cells a week, that is plenty for the dust mites to feed on. These dust mites cannot be seen by the naked eye as they are too small. They are found mostly on beds, pillows and carpets. It is not just at home that dust mites exist. If you have fabric interior seats and carpeted flooring, these are also possible places where dust mites thrive.

As we spend time inside our cars, we sweat and shed dead skin cells; this gives dust mites the ability to build their home in our vehicles. Dust mites cause allergies and asthma especially on sensitive individuals, most commonly children. Since they grow in numbers during the summer, these dust mites cause big problems during the winter months.

So, with the winter season coming and your children not so resistant to sickness, a good interior detail is a wise chose. We can always try to clean the interior of our cars with what is available on the market. However, we have to be extra careful when doing so as there are products that are harmful to children as well. A number of strong chemicals are now available in the market. Having more hazardous chemicals available, when used in your car’s interior with less ventilation will result to a more acute and chronic exposure to chemicals.

Now, about your children’s safety, and the correct harmless chemicals you should use. I am sure you would not intentionally harm your children, but we often look over the small print which explains the side effects from different products. Other times the side effects are not listed. These products may seem effective as noted by the manufacturer and you may follow each direction carefully but you may never know its effects and what it leaves behind. It may ensure cleaning the seats and the carpets but it can never ensure your child’s safety.

It is important for parents to steam clean their vehicles at least two times a year. It is especially important to do the steam cleaning before winter and the snow hits so your car is safe for your kids. During winter, a season your kid’s immune system is sensitive to the common cold, you would want to prevent it before it happens. Add to that an allergy caused by dust mites or bed bugs which will be rather worrisome for you and your children. You would not want any further complications if your child catches any other sickness just because you did not clean your car’s interior. DetailXPerts offers professional interior steam cleaning, schedule your appointment today!


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