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How to Be an Eco Green Car Wash

How to Be an Eco Green Car Wash

How to Be an Eco Green Car Wash

Today’s consumers are more intelligent, more discerning, and more concerned about everything that goes on around them. Gone are the days when customers could be swayed with flashy advertisements or sugar-coated write-ups. Modern consumers know what they want and support brands that reflect their way of living. With the devastating effects of catastrophes that are believed to be caused by global warming, more and more consumers are now conscious of the impact they have on the environment. They are actually turning on a new leaf by preferring to live the green life – from eating organic food to using an eco green car wash.

By becoming an eco green car wash, you can take advantage of the growing number of green enthusiasts. Additionally, you get the opportunity to care for the environment. How to be one? Read on.

Eco Green Car Wash: How to Be One

How to Be an Eco Green Car WashYou can start an eco green car wash business from the ground up or turn your existing car wash into one by:

Using Steam

Steam has the ability to dissolve tough dirt and grime and reach the deepest, darkest crevices of a vehicle. You just have to learn how to steam clean a vehicle effectively and wipe the dirt away. Not to mention that the patented steam cleaning method like the one we use here at DetailXPerts uses only two gallons of water for cleaning fifteen vehicles. How green can you get?

Using Chemical-Free Products

Technology has made the invention of the most effective, yet chemically-laden auto detailing supplies possible. But, due to the health and safety hazards they bring, many of these car detailing supplies have been modified by replacing their chemical contents with organic products. For example, you can use natural carnauba wax instead of polymers to give your customer’s car that amazing showroom shiny finish.

Handling Wastewater Properly

Why are environmental agencies strict about car wash wastewater disposal? Because improper management can lead to disastrous results. Car wash wastewater contains all sorts of pollutants, from degreasers to oils to detergents which damage fish and other forms of marine life. You can manage your wastewater by directing it to government collection and recycle systems, installing a closed loop wastewater recycling system, or, as stated above, by using steam.

Going Mobile

Mobile car washes can do their work wherever and whenever. They do not need a lot of water and do not have wastewater, either. Think about the huge savings you can have on your water bill and the sense of achievement that you will feel for being an eco green car wash and saving the environment in your own little way.

Living the Green Life

Some customers are very wise – they can distinguish if you are a hoax. They can tell if you are really concerned about the environment or if you are only supporting it to increase your revenue. If you really want to be an eco green car wash, then, start breathing and living the green life. Be an avid supporter of green activities in your community. Are there schools in your area that hold car wash events to raise funds for a worthy cause? Offer your services at discounted prices and show them how to wash cars with the least amount of water. You will not only be helping your community – you are also helping your car wash bottom line as well.

Adding Business Amenities

Believe it or not, business amenities do not only increase customer satisfaction, but also up your chances of becoming famous as an eco green car wash. If you have a laundry, for example, your customers will save on gas from not going someplace else to have their clothes done. By staying in your car wash, your customer’s car will not emit carbon dioxide thus decreasing his carbon footprint. If you have a mini-garden or lawn, the plants and grass can filter the air and convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. So, you are not only providing your customers with a beautiful and comfortable place to relax as they wait for their cars to be washed or detailed – you are giving them a cleaner and safer air to breath as well.

You can use these tips to become an eco green car wash. Or, you can check additional blog posts to help you transform your business into an eco green car wash.


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