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Eco Car Wash: 5 Reasons It Is One of the Most Profitable Franchises

Eco Car Wash: 5 Reasons It Is One of the Most Profitable Franchises

With the increasing number of eco car wash franchises all over the country, you are left wondering if these businesses are really profitable. Can they provide small business owners like you with a steady income for years to come or are they just fads or trends that gain some steam, only to disappear once a new trend appears?

5 Reasons Why an Eco Car Wash Can Make It Big in the World of Franchising

Why are some entrepreneurs willing to invest in the eco car wash business? What makes it very lucrative in their eyes? Here are five of the reasons why:

1. Small Initial Investment

Of course, this depends on the type of car wash you are interested in. If you are looking into an eco car wash that has a water treatment facility and all that stuff, then, you’ll need a huge capital. But if you have your sights on an eco car wash that uses steam for cleaning and detailing or mobile units that can do car wash services where customers want them, then, yes, you do not have to shell out a very huge capital. You just need to pay the franchise fee and you’re on your way to making some serious cash.

2. Green Is in

Never has green been more in than today. People are becoming increasingly concerned with the environment, what with the catastrophes brought about by global warming, epidemics due to contaminated water, etc. To enthusiasts of green living, your being in the green business means that you are one with them – people who would like to create a more sustainable environment for the future generation – thus, the opportunity to develop relationships with like-minded individuals. This translates to future loyal customers who might even spread the word about your advocacy for green living.

3. An Eco Car Wash Can Get Free Social Exposure

What do schools, nonprofits and similar organizations have in common? They hold fundraisers as a means to fund their projects. And when it comes to fundraising events, one of the most common choices of these organizations is the car wash. You will even double your chances of being chosen by these groups once they find out that you have an eco car wash franchise, since you are supporting a worthy cause, just like them. That is a great way to raise your community’s awareness to your business. Not to mention that you also get free advertising courtesy of your franchisor. With more people being aware of who you are and what you can do, you will have more customers who will keep your cash registers ringing.

4. Less Government Permits to Deal with

This is a great option when you choose a mobile eco car wash that uses steam for cleaning. Since your business is on the go, you use very minimal water and organic materials; you do not need buildings for your car wash and water treatment facilities. No infrastructure translates to no building permits. This means that you do not have to go to government offices, fill up forms and wait for approval. How convenient can that be?

5. Endless Consumer Demand

With hundreds, even thousands of car owners in your area, most of whom need their cars cleaned on a regular basis, you can have a steady customer base in no time at all. Some of them might need a full car wash while others may go for additional detailing services. Just make sure that you use the right business strategies to keep them coming back for more. It is even possible that they will spread the word about your excellent services and convince more green enthusiasts to support your business.

Yes, an eco car wash is a worthy and profitable business opportunity that can even turn out to be your primary source of income for years to come. It is a very timely enterprise that is needed by a huge number of car owners  and requires a small initial investment.

Do you want to know why more entrepreneurs see an eco car wash as a lucrative business opportunity? Let DetailXPerts show you. Sign up for our newsletter to receive more valuable business and franchise info, ideas, and extras!


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