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7 Steps for Car Interior Cleaning

DetailXPerts 7 Steps for Car Interior Cleaning

7 Steps for Car Interior Cleaning

Follow our steps for car interior cleaning to keep your vehicle looking fresh and presentable. Our tips and advice focus on the best ways to remove dirt, dust, and stains from car seats, carpets, and other surfaces inside your vehicle. Moreover, regular car interior cleaning benefits are not just a fresh-looking ride. Eliminating germs and bacteria also creates a healthier space for you and your passengers.

You can also enlist the help of our mobile detailing experts. Download our Eco Auto Wash Benefit Guide to see why our customers love the greener way we deeply clean cars. It is easy to schedule an appointment. Also, our mobile services come to you!

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Car Interior Cleaning Guide

When it comes to car interior cleaning, here are 7 steps you can follow:

Step 1. Declutter Your Car

Gather your car interior detailing tools. Next, clean out your car. Start by removing trash from your vehicle, such as empty bottles, papers, and other debris. Also, take out any personal items that may be lying around. Creating a clutter-free space will make car interior cleaning quicker and easier.

Also, don’t forget to remove your car mats and clean them separately. See our steps on how to clean rubber car mats.

Step 2. Vacuum Car Interior

Ideally, use a car vacuum with suitable attachments to thoroughly vacuum the interior. If pet hair removal is a problem, you may need a special rubber-bristle brush to lift stubborn hairs. Alternatively, try our eco steam detailing specialties. Our deep cleaning process leaves upholstery sanitized and hair-free.

For areas you can’t reach with the vacuum nozzle, use a can of compressed air to blow out the dirt from such spots. Also, don’t forget to vacuum the car seat seams, door handles, armrests, and even the dashboard. Finally, clean the vents with a mini foam paintbrush.

Step 3. Clean the Surfaces

Dust and wipe all the hard surfaces in your car, such as the dashboard, center console, glove compartment, door handles and panels, and steering wheel. To clean the hard-to-reach spots, use an old, soft-bristled brush.

Next, use a damp microfiber cloth and a car interior cleaner and protectant to remove dirt and restore shine. For a deeper clean, see our DIY car interior cleaning and sanitizing steps.

Step 4. Car Interior Cleaning Upholstery

The next step is cleaning your car upholstery with an appropriate cleaner. There are different types of upholstery, so check the material before you get to work. For example, a special cleaning and conditioning treatment will benefit leather car seats.

For vinyl seats, water and a mild detergent are suitable. However, you may need to take further action on dirtier, stained upholstery. See our see guide to car interior detailing. It includes useful tips on how to remove stains from car interiors.

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Step 5. Shampoo or Steam Car Carpets

Cleaning car carpets is the next important step. You can make a DIY car carpet cleaner or use a store-bought carpet shampoo. Work the shampoo into the carpet with a brush or sponge. Allow it to sit for a few minutes to break down dirt and stains. Then, wipe away the shampoo and dirt using a clean damp cloth or sponge.

Alternatively, our steam cleaning technology is ideal for deep cleaning car carpets. We also use non-toxic, biodegradable products to ensure the greenest clean. Furthermore, our methods use the minimal amount of water, which helps carpets to dry quickly.

Step 6. Wash and Polish Car Windows

Clean car windows to remove dirt and restore shine. Use a lint-free microfiber cloth and a glass cleaner. Try not to clean your car windows in direct sunlight to avoid streaks. If there is residue on the glass after cleaning, use a dry, clean microfiber cloth to ensure a streak-free, sparkling finish.

Step 7. Vacuum Once More to Finish

Finally, vacuum your car interior again to remove all traces of dirt, dust, and lint. Start from the top and work your way down to the carpets (once they are dry). Reassemble the car, including putting back floor mats, and any other items you cleaned separately.


To sum up, regular car interior cleaning helps preserve the appearance and value of your vehicle. Moreover, a fresh and sanitized interior enhances the overall driving experience for you and your passengers.

However, if you are pressed for time and can’t do your own car interior cleaning, our mobile car detailing service is perfect for busy people like you.

Download our Eco Auto Wash Benefit Guide to learn what we offer, including our high-quality car interior detailing using steam and other eco cleaning methods.

achieve showroom shine every time

DetailXPerts is a nationwide mobile vehicle detailing and commercial cleaning company. We bring a greener clean. Our difference is industry-leading green technology. And we use science-backed steam methods and biodegradable products to clean and sanitize on demand.

Get in touch if you want to set up an appointment or have questions about what or how we clean. Our team loves sharing car tips and how we achieve safe sanitization with our steam-sterilizing methods. We write about auto detailing, janitorial services, fleet cleaning, franchising, and more. So be sure to check back for our next article. Happy driving!

We updated this article in May 2023 for comprehensiveness.


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