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Where to Go for Interior Car Wash?

Where to Go for Interior Car Wash?

Where to Go for Interior Car Wash?

Exterior car cleaning is available almost anywhere but what options are available when it comes to interior car wash? Here is a list of car wash types that offer the convenience of having your vehicle cleaned both inside and out in one trip.

Interior Car Wash – Where is it Available?

1. Self-service Car Wash

Not all self-service car washes offer interior cleaning as it will increase the amount of time taken up by each customer. If they do, you will have to pay additional charges for the use of a vacuum, towels, cleaning solution, brushes, etc.. Or you can come equipped with your own products and tools. The maximum time allocated to you will depend on how much you pay, but it is always no more than 10-15 minutes.

Pros: Convenient and inexpensive

Cons: A thorough interior car wash cannot be completed within 10 minutes so you will have to maximize the available time. It is also advisable to bring your own interior auto detailing products as the generic brands available at the car wash may not be suitable for your upholstery. Within that short span of time, you will also not be able to properly dry the carpets, upholstery, etc. This can lead to a musty odor. It is also in humid conditions that fungi such as mold and mildew thrive.

2. Full Service Tunnel Car Wash

In a full service tunnel car wash, the customer pays for both exterior and interior car cleaning and remains in a waiting area while an employee drives the vehicle into the tunnel. The exterior will be cleaned by an automated system. Once it is complete, employees will start working on the interior. Typically, the process does not take more than 20-30 minutes depending on the car wash package the customer purchased. If a full interior detailing package has been selected, the waiting period will be longer.

Pros: Convenient. Waiting areas often have food and beverage purchases and/or free magazines and papers to read. Interior car wash service handled by employees will give better results than the automated system used for exterior cleaning.

Cons: The waiting time is longer. A basic interior cleaning package will consist of services such as vacuuming and window cleaning. The cost of a full package can run up to $100. However, even the full package may not consist of services such as upholstery cleaning, stain removal, mold and mildew treatment, etc. Because most places offer a time guarantee, it is questionable whether a full cleaning can be completed within the set time.

3. Auto Detailing Shop

Auto detailing shops offer the best full interior car wash. The interior will be fully vacuumed including carpets and cleaned using a high quality interior detailer. Upholstery will be treated using a product especially made for its type. Vinyl surfaces such as the dashboard, console and the steering wheel is also cleaned. Specialty professional auto detailers pay attention to even the smallest unnoticeable nooks and crannies such as door jambs, seat creases, etc. For additional charges, you can also get air vent sanitization, stain removal, pet hair removal, and other specialty services.

DetailXPerts’ interior car wash service differs from other services as we are a fully eco-friendly business. We utilize our proven steam cleaning method to make your car interior shine and sparkle. Steam can be safely used on any interior surface and has proven to more effective than a normal cleaning solution and water.

Pros: Detail shops are the best choice for interior car wash.

Cons: Service is expensive (but the results are well worth it). The waiting period to get the vehicle back will be a day or two.

It is evident that the obvious choice for full interior car wash is a detail shop. Go to an established and reputed service. You can also do it yourself. Feel free to use our written step-by-step guides on DIY interior car washing.

Schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts if you wish to pamper your car with our organic steam cleaning service for full interior car wash.

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