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Choice Is Your Super Power

The Power of Choice

Choice Is Your Super Power

If you feel stuck in your career or personal life, the power of choice is your secret weapon. Emmanuel and Angela Williams discuss this topic on the More Details, Please podcast. The Williams are also the founders and executive leaders of DetailXPerts, a mobile cleaning company and franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs.

In this episode, Angela and Emmanuel chat with Carla Faria about why choice is your superpower. Carla is an accredited executive and personal coach with a business, branding and marketing background. And she is passionate about helping others achieve their goals.

Life Isn’t Perfect

Swapping a 25-year career in media for coaching wasn’t a seamless transition for Carla. It came with its struggles. She left her marketing job in early 2020, thinking it would be easy to pick her new career path. Then Covid-19 happened. Also, within weeks of lockdown, Carla had a breast cancer diagnosis.

“Life isn’t perfect. Life is what life is. I can choose how I want to go about dealing with it. My choice was not just survival but thriving,” explains Carla. And she achieved this by keeping hopeful and purposeful. Her advice is: try to find purpose, even in your darkest, most challenging times. Embrace the power of choice and give yourself a goal to work toward.

When You Don’t Feel Like You Have a Choice, Then What?

It’s scary if you’re going through a crisis and feel like you don’t have a choice, says Emmanuel. However, Carla shares a positive outlook. “In almost all situations, we do have a choice; we just don’t realize it.” Tune into the podcast to hear what she says about unlocking your power of choice:

Nobody Knows More About the Best Solution for You Than You

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, you’ll know challenges and uncertainty go with the territory. For example, Carla helps senior leaders who need help restructuring their organization and individuals who want to start a business but don’t know how to do it. When they think they’re out of choices, Carla helps her clients identify their choices and unravel the problem.

But she points out that a good coach will never give you advice. “It’s because nobody can know more about the best solution for you than you,” says Carla. She says you need a “compassionate provocateur”, which is someone who will ask you some thought-provoking questions. And when you unravel the answers, you will feel empowered.

When Fear Is Holding You Back, Is It Possible to Reset That Mindset?

Feeling afraid of making choices in business or life is a common experience. Fear of failure or the unknown, or disappointing people are all reasons that can hold you back.

However, Carla reminds us that fear is not a bad emotion. “Emotions are not bad or good. They are just data. They are signals to us that we need to pay attention to something,” she says. Tune into the podcast to hear how you can reset an anxious mindset:

The Power of Choice and the Word “Yet”

Choice is your superpower. Words are powerful, too. “If there is something you don’t know how to do, don’t give up. Add the word “yet” to it and see what happens,” says Carla. For example, I don’t know how to start a business yet. This small word can make a huge difference to your outlook. And it reminds you there is always space to learn and achieve your goals.

In summary, you can take control of your life and shape your future through the power of choice. Indeed, choice is your superpower when it comes to personal development, relationships, and your career and professional life. Well-being and lifestyle choices greatly impact your life, too.

Above all, Carla says don’t be afraid when things go wrong. Instead, ask yourself what you’ve learned. This growth mindset will help you achieve greater success in life. Tune into the conversation with Carla to hear more tips and advice.


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