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Car Scratch Remover: How to Use It Like a Pro

Car Scratch Remover How to Use It Like a Pro

Car Scratch Remover: How to Use It Like a Pro

Car scratch remover kits are very popular because they provide a very quick and easy fix for clear coat scratches. These kits are usually the preferred method by DIYers because they don’t seem to require a lot of skill and knowledge.

Unfortunately, some vehicle owners just open the kit, scan the instructions that come with it and apply. When using car scratch removers, make sure to follow the instructions indicated in your car scratch repair kit to get the best results. If you’re not satisfied with the instructions, visit the product’s website and ask for support. In a hurry? Read this step-by-step guide from DetailXPerts.

How to Use a Car Scratch Remover Like a Pro

1) Wash and dry your car thoroughly. Clean your car thoroughly before doing the scratch repair. Dirt in your car might cause more scratches. Also check the area that you will be repairing. Gently remove the dirt on the scratch too.

2) Apply the polishing compound. Put in the correct amount of your polishing compound on the pad that came with it, or use a micro fiber cloth. How to ensure that you’ll be using the right amount of compound? Check the instructions that came with your scratch remover kit. Using an even, circular motion, apply the compound over the scratch. You might need to apply the compound several times to get the desired results. Be patient, though, because this step usually takes the most amount of time.

3) Buff the area. Use a buffer to buff the area at around 1400 RPM. For best results, move the buffer in a back and forth motion over the scratch. Continue buffing lightly until the scratch is no longer visible.

4) Wipe the area. Once the scratch is gone, use a soft, clean towel to wipe away any excess scratch compound. If there are still scratches left, then you need to reapply the compound and buff the area again.

5) Wash the area once again. Use a soft towel and clean water for washing the area. This will get rid of all leftover car scratch remover. Don’t skip this step – any remaining compound will be very difficult to remove once it sets in.

6) Wax the area. Depending on the car scratch remover that you used, you can wax the area right away or you might need to wait up to one week before waxing it. Waxing the area will seal the paint you have repaired.

Removing a car scratch yourself requires a lot of hard work, skill and experience. You need to be careful because a mistake could lead to more scratches which may eventually involve costly body repairs. Take note that most of the car scratch removers available in the market can only remove very light scratches. You can also use home remedies such as the ones in the video below for car scratch removal.

If you do not have the time to do it or if you want to avoid the risk of damaging your car, we highly recommend that you leave it up to the experts.

DetailXPerts provides professional detailing services that also includes fixing car scratches. We take care of your car as if it’s our own. Schedule an appointment with us now to get your car scratches fixed.

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