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Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Car Care

Everything You Need to Know about Mobile Car Care

Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Car Care

Traditionally, a car wash has always been a service that you go to, but not one that comes to you. But with the development of the mobile car care system, customers now have the luxury of choosing the option that caters most to their needs. This post will tell you everything that you need to know about the mobile car wash service.

What is mobile car care?

A mobile car wash operates on wheels and carries with it everything that a stationary car wash has, i.e. water, auto detailing products such as shampoo, soap, wax, polish, equipment and supplies such as buckets, towels, sponges, polishers, dryers, etc. Additionally, they carry a water reclamation system to comply with environmental regulations.

If your car wash service provider works 24/7, you can schedule an appointment anytime, anywhere. You will have to share details about your vehicle prior to confirming the appointment and specify what your needs are so the detailer can come prepared. You can also discuss pricing but be honest about the condition of the vehicle. If your car is dirtier than expected and the detailer has to put in extra effort, you can expect an additional charge. This is no different from the operations of a stationary auto detailing service, since they charge you based on how much work they have to do to return your vehicle to that showroom condition.

If you own a luxury car model or a valuable vintage model that need special care, then mobile detailing is not the service for you. Auto detailing shops usually have a special detailing package to cater to these car models – such as DetailXPerts’ Presidential Detailing Package – where premium car care products are used and highly trained and experienced professionals are put on the job.

Pros and cons of mobile car care

Here is our list of pros:

1. Convenience – If for some reason you cannot go to the nearest car wash or can’t afford to leave your vehicle at the shop for two or three days, then mobile car care is the best car wash option for you. Choose your place and time and set up and appointment!

2. Cut back on water bills and gas money – Since the mobile car wash brings its own water, you won’t get heavy water bills and moreover, you can also save on gas since you don’t have to make two trips to the auto detailing shop.

3. Environmental regulations – Environmental laws pertaining to car wash are very strict and if you violate them by, for example, polluting a storm drain when washing a car at home, you will have to face penalties such as a fine. Since car wash service providers are well acquainted with these laws, they will make sure to comply with them.

4. Water conservation – Washing a car at home can take up to 80 gallons of water, which is twice the amount that a car wash uses. But you mobile car care detailer will utilize proper water conserving techniques to wash your car, and having a water reclamation system means there won’t be any waste water to contaminate waterways and adversely affect aquatic plants and animals.

Here’s our list of cons:

1. Cost – Mobile car washing can be expensive compared to taking your vehicle to a stationary car wash, but that is the price you pay for a convenient car wash method. The detailer will decide what should count for the final bill – the services you requested, how much time and effort was spent on the vehicle, supplies and equipment, water, gas money, pay for employees he brings along for the job, etc. As mentioned above, just make sure to agree on a price before confirming the appointment.

2. Difficulty choosing a good service provider – Since there are so many mobile car care services around, selecting the right one might be an overwhelming experience for you. You might end up with an unprofessional service with mediocre or poorly qualified employees, not to mention one that overcharges clients, unless you do your research. Word of mouth is still the best form of review out there so if you have any family, friends or neighbors who can recommend a good service, then go for it. You can also check online for customer reviews of mobile car care services in your area. Talk to a few places and try to find a reasonably priced one. Neither too cheap, nor too expensive is good for you.

3. Obstacles that could affect your appointment – The weather could definitely affect your plans for a mobile car wash since the service is done outdoors. Additionally, there is a chance that the auto detailer will forget certain products and equipment that is compulsory for a professional detailing job. He will either decide to go back and bring them (which is more time consuming), or cancel the appointment.

Is mobile car care the right choice for you?

Based on the details we provided above, you should be able to decide whether mobile car care is the best car wash type for you. Most vehicle owners do not use it on a regular basis, but only when it is absolutely necessary, since the cost of mobile car care is not for everyone. On the other hand, if you own and operate a fleet of cars, then this is of course the most convenient auto detailing service for you. If you do decide to use this service, don’t forget to do your research first as mentioned above.

Are you on the look out for a professional mobile car detailing service? Set up an appointment with DetailXPerts and we will bring our eco auto spa to you!



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