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Engine Steam Cleaning: The Automotive Franchise Owner’s Guide

Engine Steam Cleaning The Automotive Franchise Owner’s Guide

Engine Steam Cleaning: The Automotive Franchise Owner’s Guide

Automotive franchise owners should be well informed about all the cleaning systems and methodologies related to engine cleaning and auto detailing, engine steam cleaning included. Here’s a quick guide to help you get  more acquainted with the process. Read on!

Principles of Engine Steam Cleaning

One of the breakthrough innovations in relation to the cleaning services industry is the use of the power of steam. Steam cleaning can clean a wide range of materials: fabric, metal, plastic, concrete, tiles and a whole lot more. The list is endless.

According to the,  steam cleaning works by heating water via a boiler to extreme temperatures which can produce vapor. The vapor particles can bond with the surface to be cleaned. The bonding of the particles makes the vapor particles expand which can then push dirt particles. In effect, the dirt particles are easily removed and washed out.

While there are various types of steam cleaning techniques, it is usually a high-pressure steamer that can be used for industrial applications, heavy duty industry uses and also motor and truck engines.

How Effective is Engine Steam Cleaning?

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In a general sense, steam cleaning is more effective than traditional cleaning says Allergy Consumer Review. This is because the vapor from steam can penetrate pores of almost all surfaces where dirt particles are embedded. For an automotive franchise owner, this fact is very important because it is good news for the auto detailing business.

Dirt Particles Cleaning

Engine steam cleaning is effective in removing not just dirt particles but also grease and oil. Every car owner and automotive franchise owner knows that a shiny and perfectly cleaned car engine will not stay as such forever. Regular use no matter how careful a driver is will always result in accumulation of dirt particles, dust, road and concrete debris, chemical residue, engine oil and grease. Engine steam cleaning can make sure all surfaces are reached to remove all these. There is no need to disassemble each and every part because you can be assured the vapor from the steam will be able to reach hard to reach areas.

Oil Leaks

Engine steam cleaning is also a good way to check oil leaks. When the engine is regularly steamed cleaned the right way, it is easier to recognize oil leaks. Conventional cleaning methods would have to use acidic compounds to make sure the hoses are cleaned. However, the same compounds that can clean the hoses can also damage them in the process. This is not a problem with steam cleaning of the engine. Vapor can easily clean the hoses and make sure the car engines are in perfect overall health and there are no oil leaks.

Based on the above characteristics of steam cleaning an engine, many car owners and automotive franchisees believe that  steam cleaning service is worth its overall effect. Even classic car owners are using steam cleaning options for their prized possessions despite the cost.

The Automotive Franchise Owner’s Guide to Steam Cleaning Engines

Just like any other cleaning method, all auto detailers and automotive franchise owners should make sure the guidelines are followed for an effective steam cleaning of engines. There may be advantages of engine steam cleaning but there are also preventive steps the detailer should ensure to make the most out of the cleaning process. Here are some tips to follow to make sure the engine steam cleaning steps are correctly performed.

1.Make Sure the Staff is Properly Protected

Be sure that appropriate clothing is worn. This should include protective eye wear, appropriate gloves and footwear. Engine steam cleaning can allow particles to be splattered by the steam vapor particles and the pressure. Your staff should be protected for safety.

2.Your Staff Should be Trained to Operate the Steam Cleaning Machine

Although steam cleaning can clean almost all types of debris, the proper technique and angle are also required to be rendered effective. Moreover, the detailers should have proper skills to ensure the safety of the car or truck engine itself. There are parts of the car engine that one should be very careful with, when doing the cleaning process. The staff should be aware of this. Moreover, they should be able to do the necessary preventive steps in avoiding damage to areas like ignition systems, electronic systems, etc.

3.Ensure Correct Temperature Settings

The truck and car engines should go for steam cleaning an hour after usage. Contact of steam onto a hot engine will damage the cylinder head and other delicate parts of the engine.

4.Use Organic Products

Use organic products

Use organic products
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After the cleaning process, some experts suggest the use of metal wax or protective wax to some parts of the engine. Finally, for best results, automotive franchise owners should use organic products.


Whether your customers want to clean their engine for maintenance or to prepare it for reselling, engine steam cleaning can ensure a thorough and effective engine clean. Your best tool as an automotive franchise owner  is your expertise and knowledge about engine steam cleaning.  Learn more about engine steam cleaning from the world’s first eco green car and truck wash that uses steam cleaning for washing vehicles. Subscribe to our blog now!

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