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Engine Steam Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

Engine Steam Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

Engine Steam Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of engine steam cleaning. This has led them to research on the process, download guides or buy ebooks about it. What others fail to consider is that steam cleaning an engine can be a very hazardous DIY job. One false move can damage the engine or worse, cause injuries.

In an effort to keep you safe, we are sharing a list of do’s and don’ts when performing the cleaning.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Engine Steam Cleaning


  1. Do wear appropriate clothing. Engine steam cleaning can be quite messy. Bits and pieces of hardened mud and gunk can fly out and stain your clothing. Wear protective eye wear and gloves to avoid the risk of injuries.
  2. Do choose organic products. Organic products do not contain harsh chemicals that can threaten your health, your vehicle and your environment. Beware, though, about products that hide under organic labels. Here is a list of car wash products to avoid. Remember that an ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure.
  3. Do choose the right area. Be aware that steam cleaning an engine in an area with no wastewater facility is illegal. You may use a self-serve car wash for this purpose.
  4. Do observe the engine’s temperature. Steam cleaning a hot engine is a recipe for disaster – not only for your vehicle but for you as well. Just imagine the sizzle it will cause once you apply steam to a hot engine. Scary, isn’t it?
  5. Do cover the electrical wires. Wires, plugs, outlets are the top things that you must pay attention to when using steam for cleaning your vehicle. Cover them to ensure that they do not get wet with water.
  6. Do use the steam cleaner correctly. Keep the steam cleaner’s wand moving at all times. Steam has enough power to dissolve dirt and grime upon contact. Make sure that you aim the steam cleaner’s nozzle an arm’s length away from the engine to prevent damage.


  1. Don’t ignore the weather. Keep in mind that the grime in your engine is made up of hardened oil and and dust. Science tells us that cold temperatures can cause greasy substances to coagulate, making them harder to remove. On the other hand, steam cleaning an engine on a hot day can make you feel very uncomfortable, what with the heat from steam combining with hot, humid air.
  2. Don’t perform it in your garage. Even if you use organic products, steam cleaning an engine can still produce harmful vapors due to the toxic contents of oil. And as mentioned earlier, this is illegal. Not to mention that the process can stain your walls with dark, oily splatters.
  3. Don’t do it on your own. That is, if you do not have prior experience in engine steam cleaning. Steam can only benefit your engine and the overall performance of your vehicle if done right. Otherwise, you might damage the paint and engine wires or worse, burn your skin.

If you really want to have your engine steam-cleaned, visit the experts. Doing so will not only save you a lot of time and effort; it will ensure that you, your vehicle and the environment are kept safe in the process.

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