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DuPont Wax – Yay or Nay?

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DuPont Wax – Yay or Nay?

People search for the best products for their vehicle to maintain a long-lasting shine. Everyone wants to keep the beautiful showroom finish from the first time you drive your car off the lot. Thus, people look into the best products to use for their cleaning and waxing needs. One controversial product that continues to boggle the automotive world – DuPont Wax.

DuPont Wax – Teflon for Your Cars?

Teflon is a chemical form of a synthetic fluoropolymer. In simpler terms, this means the solution’s non-sticky and reduces friction on the material applied upon. Basically, the DuPont wax acts as a sealant for your vehicle. Most people apply these coats when they first buy their car to maintain the original shine.

Item Level – Rare

Despite the technology behind DuPont wax, the product can be hard to find. The manufacturer’s factory or dealerships as additional upgrades are the ones using synthetic solutions for cars.. However, you can  find the Teflon sealant online easily and some dealerships will also have the product available.

Pros of DuPont Wax

Beautiful Finish

The results from DuPont wax application give your car a shiny surface. Washing and cleaning your car before applying the sealant produces the best results for that showroom finish.


Polymer solutions like Teflon last longer than their counterparts. Most waxes contain natural carnauba, which comes off sooner than the synthetic waxes. The DuPont wax ingredients restore and preserve the life of your car paint.

Cons of DuPont Wax


Due to the difficulty in finding DuPont wax, some car owners have to purchase it from dealerships. This means the technicians apply the solution, costing you extra money due to labor costs. Generally, the sealant is offered as an additional add-on for your vehicle.

Some Blemishes Visible

In some cases, the DuPont wax fails to cover all the physical blemishes on your car’s paint. Spider-webbing on your vehicle doesn’t disappear with the application of the sealant. Natural carnauba waxes fill in and cover those small scratches.

Application Process

Applying the wax becomes a tedious process. Some users claim that the Teflon will only adhere to your car if the surface is rough. Basically, the DuPont wax creates a non-stick surface but this also causes an issue when you are coating your vehicle as well. A rough/scratched surface is needed to apply the solution, and heat must be used to seal the wax.

Overall Review of Dupont Wax

After comparing the pros and cons to the DuPont wax solution, our detailers would NOT recommend the sealant to vehicle owners. Although it creates a beautiful, long-lasting shine, the cons outweigh the results. Applying the solution requires rough surfaces and heat which can damage the car paint. People are trying to preserve the life of their paint when they apply wax and this solution has the possibility of doing the opposite.

For a natural wax and showroom results, consider DetailXPerts. Our highly-trained technicians will steam clean your car to eliminate any dirt and grime from the surface. Once they finish detailing, they will apply our naturally-formulated wax to the exterior. Schedule an appointment today for a clean, shiny vehicle.

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