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Dos and Don’ts When Buying a Classic Car

Buying a Classic Car - Do's and Don'ts

Dos and Don’ts When Buying a Classic Car

Car enthusiasts strive to purchase a vintage vehicle for their collection. Buying a classic car becomes a dream for many drivers. Due to this, the classic car industry is worth over $1 billion. However, knowing how to successfully invest and select the right automobile can be difficult. Follow these dos and don’ts before making any decisions, and you will be on your way to owning an antique.

Do’s of Buying a Classic Car

Do Research Beforehand

Owning a classic car has many benefits. First, you need to dig a little deeper and figure out the details before you make the purchase. For example, auto insurance for a vintage vehicle is different than modern cars. There is a chance the payments might be more expensive for sufficient coverage. However, owners that don’t drive their antiques often can have cheaper payments.

Do Inspect for Rust

This might seem like common sense, but older vehicles develop car rust over time. Even if the damage is not obvious, it could still be on the exterior of the vehicle. Walk around the outside and check the bottom and underneath of the car as well. Rust spots are difficult to remove once the metal begins to deteriorate. Unless you know how to properly deal with rust, pass on purchasing a damaged vehicle.

Do Test Drive Before Buying a Classic Car

If you want a vintage automobile, ask to test drive it. Appearances are important. However, ensuring the vehicle runs smoothly is more of a concern than how it looks. This allows you to feel how the car runs as well as determine if there seems to be anything immediately wrong with it. Sellers can put on a show to make the vehicle look pristine but there could be underlying issues that you only find out by driving it.

Don’ts of Buying a Classic Car

Don’t Rush

Even if you find the perfect auto, make sure you cover all your bases before spending any money. This comes with doing your research but on the vehicle itself. Find out any information you can from the seller. Obtaining a second, professional opinion is wise as well. Choosing someone who is familiar with these types of cars will help you determine whether the vehicle is in good condition or not.

Don’t Forget to Check the Numbers

To ensure that this classic beauty hasn’t had parts replaced throughout the vehicle, check the VIN numbers. The engine, transmission, and axle should all have the same number as the car. If not, this means the parts have been replaced and the car no longer has all the original parts. However, if the price is right and you still want the antique, feel free to purchase it! Buying a classic car means you pick out what you are looking for. As long as they aren’t charging outrageous prices and claiming the parts are all original, you can still buy it.

Don’t Underestimate the Cost of Buying a Classic Car

Even if you receive a great deal on the initial purchase of the vehicle, older cars require constant upkeep. For example, if something happens to the car and it needs a replacement part, there is a high chance that the part is no longer made. This means you need to find someone who might have an original part. Purchasing these can be incredibly expensive and adds to the overall cost of owning a classic vehicle.

Caring for the Classic Beauty

Consistent care for an older vehicle will lengthen the life of both the interior and exterior. Properly washing an antique auto takes patience and hard work. Some chemicals you might normally use are too harsh to be used on the paint. Some owners wash their vehicles in sections as well and have a specific method when doing so.

Ultimately, buying a classic car requires dedication and a long-term commitment. To properly care for these vintage vehicles, a professional might be the best choice. This ensures that someone specializing in detailing will clean your vehicle without causing any damage. DetailXPerts, a mobile, eco-friendly auto detailing company, focuses on restoring the appearance of your classic beauty and leaving behind a shiny finish. Our highly-trained technicians will provide the utmost care with steam cleaning technology. Schedule an appointment with our team today.

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